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Andy Ngo Sues Antifa for Nearly 1 Million Damages

Andy Ngo Sues Antifa for Nearly 1 Million Damages

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo, who has been physically and at times violently attacked by Antifa, is finally in the court of law suing the radical leftist group for damages.

Since the leftist activist group Antifa started riots in the Pacific Northwest, mainly Oregon, around the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency, Portland-based journalist Andy Ngo has covered  Antifa’s public protests in and around Portland area and elsewhere.

Ngo has repeatedly been assaulted by Antifa, beaten and left injured. One such attack in 2019 caused him to be hospitalized where he was told that his brain was hemorrhaging.

In 2020, Ngo filed a lawsuit against Antifa in Portland. The next year, as the Biden administration took over, Ngo had to leave the country amid threats to his safety and go to England. As reported in The Oregonian, Ngo is now suing Antifa for $900,000 in damages from two of the group members – John Hacker and Elizabeth Richter. Four other masked Antifa members who assaulted Ngo remain unidentified.

On July 31, the first day of trial of Andy Ngo vs. Rose City Antifa, the conservative journalist’s supporters on Twitter posted video clips of Antifa’s assaults on him.

In February 2021, Ngo published a book Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy that provided a detailed account of the group’s history and tactics. The leftist media that has stood behind Antifa went after Ngo for speaking against the radical leftist group’s violence. The Los Angeles Times tried to discredit Ngo’s work by calling it an attempt to “wildly, dishonestly inflate Antifa.”

After the first day of the trial against Antifa in the court, The Post Millennial tweeted  pictures of three Antifa members who were “found in default”– failing to respond to a court summons or not appearing in court.

Owing to its repeated acts of violence and rioting, some conservatives have called for declaring Antifa a terrorist organization. In May 2020, President Trump tweeted that America will be designating Antifa as a terrorist organization.

This year in June, Republicans in the State House of Alabama called on the Biden administration to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization

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