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Anarchist Summer Camp for Kids in Portland – Can you say “terrorist”?

Anarchist Summer Camp for Kids in Portland – Can you say “terrorist”?

A new summer camp in Portland, Oregon offers to help children explore “social justice issues” like Black Lives Matter, white supremacy, and the abolishment of police. 

Editor’s note: Indoctrination? Grooming? Child abuse? Teaching hate? At the very least I cannot imagine worse role models for children whose parent might want them to grow up sane, civilized and productive.

“We believe that empowering youth to become critically engaged with social justice issues lays the groundwork for transformational social change tomorrow and today,” said Budding Roses, a volunteer anarchist group hosting the camp. 

The two-week social justice summer camp is available to students in 4th through 8th grades free of charge and was developed by the Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Foundation. According to the official website, the Portland summer camp was heavily inspired by Paolo Friere’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed and the Black Panther Party’s Free Breakfast for School Children Program.

Resources to be used at camp include:

  • A coloring book that imagines what communities would look like without police
  • Reports on Portland authorities’ use of tear gas during protests in 2020 and information on how to protect yourself from tear gas
  • Guidelines on how to express anger through music during protests
  • Indigenous land maps 
  • History of radical organizing in Portland 

As listed on its GoFundMe webpage, camp activities will include talks on “issues that Portland youth are already engaging with” including gentrification, racism, gender, student activism, mental health, and climate change.

All that’s missing from the agenda are instructions for Molotov cocktails, jokes radio host Ari Hoffman. “What they do learn is how to hate the police…Your child, if they go to this Antifa camp, will be taught how to be a little activist.”

The city of Portland is essentially controlled by Antifa, adds Hoffman. “They defunded their police, you still have riots on a regular basis, you still have protests on a regular basis. And these people think that they’ve won.”

This year, public schools in Portland and throughout the state introduced Black Lives Matter and Marxist materials on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. And Portland – despite years of protests and violence as anarchist sentiment swells – awarded Budding Roses the “Spirit of Portland Award” for being the best nonprofit initiative of the year. 

Author’s Note: Budding Roses is using taxpayer money to brainwash a new generation of social justice warriors. Kids should be swimming in lakes and playing baseball at summer camp, not learning how to handle tear gas. This is child abuse of the worst kind. 

Editor’s note: It worries me that this is being done out in the open, and that the local community hasn’t cried out. Next thing you know, there will be an organization “Future Criminals of America” in high schools around the country.

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  1. Jk

    In his book Mein Kampf, written in the 1920s, Hitler said, “Whoever has the youth has the future.” Even before they came to power in 1933, Nazi leaders had begun to organize groups that would train young people according to Nazi principles. By 1936, all “Aryan” children in Germany over the age of six were required to join a Nazi youth group!

    Wow! Sounds like this article! Scary, right?

    • Perry

      Wow!!!! The left are nazis

      • Wes Thompson

        They always have been. Their gun control laws are taken from the 1939 laws passed by the Nazis to take the gun away from the Jews so they could not protect themselves.

      • Clifford mckinney

        No shit. The entire damned crowd are nazis

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Influencing them at their most vulnerable age.

      • Frank stetson

        Agreed with you Joe. But as I said below this has been been done for decades by all sorts of different groups and factions.

        No, not only do I not know where you draw line, but I’m not sure what you wanted to two parents desire to send their kids for such indoctrination. I mean I myself might be against football camp… You know, concussions, brain dead, etc.

        Very hard to legislate in the land of the free.

  2. Frank stetson

    I would think before Alice cut and paste the story from another source, unless you would’ve taken one second to expand the story.

    Same with you fellas, you’re so quick to accuse that perhaps you should’ve looked in the wrong closet first.

    There are Confederate summer camps, white supremacists summer camps, gunnies camps, religious camps, even Tucker Carlson promotes a “sporting camp“ in Vermont. In about two clicks, I can list over a dozen of these that have been in existence for quite some time.

    Alice found one in Portland.

    Alice also noticed that this is funded by taxpayers dollars, I can’t actually see where that happens although I can’t say it doesn’t. There’s just no proof that it does except Alice’s comment.

    • Mack ewing

      Go ahead and defend nazis Frank. The story was already released recently. So you and your comrades can raise your salute And most of the camps you mentioned are good

      • Frank stetson

        I have not a clue what you even mean. I noted they exist, I advocated or defended none of them.

        • Ben

          Hey Frank. Busted!!!!!

    • Joe Gilbertson

      I don’t know about “confederate” camps, but if you look at the material proposed to be taught by the group, it is not just “anarchist” is it terrorist and subversive.

      Really great of you to accuse the writer of not doing research, since you didn’t do the research to refute the statement.

      • Frank stetson

        No, I do not refute at this camp exist although I’m not sure about the The depths of the terrorism and anarchist part. And it certainly sounds like a silly thing for any kid.

        However, anyone can Google any other camps I mentioned, that’s all I did. Just pick your favorite group and add the word summer camp.

        What I accuse the writer of was her simple cut and paste of someone else’s research effort without any added value, the first of which would be to discover all these other camps that I mentioned had to show that the problem as much for broad-based and some shitty little place in Oregon.

        missed ya big guy car, hope you had a good vacation and not something else

        • Joe Gilbertson

          I see, so brainwashing kids to become criminals and revolt against their country is “silly” so you? That tells us a lot.

          The point here is to inform our readers of emerging news and trends. Now you know.

          • huh?

            Don’t people have a right to protest? That doesn’t make them criminals. Most BLM protests have been peaceful until the protesters are attacked by police or right-wing militia members. Who is the criminal then? If police turn a peaceful protest into a riot, who is at more fault – the police or the protesters?

            If a group of heavily armed militia shows up at Senator So-and-so’s speech, is that criminal? Even if they don’t do anything, they are intimidating everyone around them and interfering with the Senator’s right to free speech. The police happily charge in and start beating unarmed black protestors (who, ironically, are protesting police violence against blacks), but they don’t usually go after the heavily armed white protesters. Scared? Intimidated? Or in solidarity with the white fascist protesters?

            Seems like a boring camp for kids, but there probably is some value to teaching them how to protect themselves at a peaceful protest. After all, black parents already have to teach their children from a young age to fear the police, don’t get caught in certain places after sundown, avoid any interaction with police, don’t ever ask police for help – and yet still, almost every week there’s another report of a black motorist getting killed by police after a minor traffice stop, or someone with mental illness shot dead instead of delivered to a hospital. You’ve already labeled them as criminals, but what would you have them do, given the realities of our society?

          • Andy

            How does this compare to Trump brainwashing most of his idiot supporters to believe (without a shred of evidence) that his election was “stolen” from him? When he lost by 7 million votes? A real drubbing… And then he convinced about half of the Republicans in Congress to go along with his fake elector scheme. Wasn’t that a revolt against our country? And he called out to supporters to attack the Capitol, the first attempt to take over elections by force in the history of our country. And he has a whole legion of brain-dead supporters still sending him money to fight the election results or to support his re-election (kind of pretending he did and did not lose at the same time). We all know he’ll be in jail before the 2024 elections.

            Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you’re going to yell “fake news” and “witchhunt” because it isn’t being shown on Fox, but the Jan 6th Commission has been showing all the evidence. I doubt you’ve bothered to watch any of it, even though a lot of it is coming from the mouths of Republicans. Trump planned it months in advance – he was calling the election rigged 6 months before it happened to set the stage, because he knew he was probably going to lose. As soon as the election was over, he had his chief of staff and cheap-suit lawyers putting together the plan. He was calling electors and state election officials trying to get them to change results. He whipped up his right-wing nationalist supporters into a frenzy, and they showed up for him. He watched as the Capitol was assaulted, and was unconcerned about the members of Congress or his own Vice President being in harm’s way. And then he spent the rest of his Presidency denying that it was even violent, much less something he put in motion.

            Who are you going to believe, Trump or your lying eyes? (if you choose to answer “Trump”, then you are among the brainwashed). The AG is not brainwashed, so expect criminal charges soon. They’re already taking testimony and raiding Trump’s inner circle, it won’t be much longer.

            Compared to what Trump and Republicans have been up to, sending kids to a boring camp to learn how to protect themselves while protesting seems like a pretty minor thing…

  3. Mark Reynolds

    Someone doesn’t know what the word “anarchist” means. May I suggest looking at Larken Rose to get the definition straight in you head. The word has been hijacked.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Can you elaborate on where the word was used improperly?

  4. Joe G.

    “Editor’s note: … Next thing you know, there will be an organization “Future Criminals of America” in high schools around the country.”

    There is… it’s called the High School Republican National Federation. There’s also the National Teen Age Republicans – I think Matt Gaetz runs that one… And there’s the Young Republicans for college students – Matt Gaetz actually did active “recruiting” there (but entirely for sex partners for him and his friends in Congress, aided by one severely brainwashed young Republican woman).

  5. Frank stetson

    Joe, I did a deeper dive into this camp, and like I said, I do not think the camp is a good idea, matter fact I think it’s a very bad idea, but I just not sure what we’re going to do about it. I believe. Alice also but did not describe the taxpayer dollar support but if that’s not Alice’s lie, that’s as bad as government giving taxpayer dollars to a church. This is an ideology that would end the United States as we know it.

    My point was that there are many indoctrination summer camps in America, there is a slew of them pitching confederate summer camps, many of these are run by the KKK, white supremacists, or other pretty terrible hate groups. Joe’s response was, “I don’t know,“ whereupon he stuck his head firmly up his ass so he couldn’t look.

    Others have talked about, young Republicans, old Republicans, and I find that stuff to be fairly tame, but face it Joe, face it Alice, there are a lot of really terrible indoctrination summer camps that go beyond the right as far as this one does to the left. . And I think the story fails miserably by not illuminating the readers as to this fact. Although perhaps Alice is like Joe and would rather just not even look at it.

    As I have said before, when you do a cut and paste job from the blogosphere, and the story multiplied across the blogosphere new sources at the speed of light, chances are you’re leaving out salient parts of an accurate portrayal. And what happens is that people like Joe won’t even look themselves.

    That was my point in my original tome of this thread. And as I said later on, I don’t know what we can do to stop it. Far as I can tell, it’s legal.

    But, I think this camp is a terrible idea just as I think confederate camps are terrible ideas.

    • Mark

      Confederate camps are doing a great job teaching kids what they should stand for

  6. Ben

    Yeah, born with a brain and taught not to use it.

    As bad or worse than BLM camo