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Amy Klobuchar Dropped Out, Endorsed Biden, Won him Minnesota

Amy Klobuchar Dropped Out, Endorsed Biden, Won him Minnesota

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar ended her presidential campaign this week after coming in sixth place in the Nevada and South Carolina primaries.  Her endorsement appears to be key in Joe Biden’s win in Minnesota, her home state.

Candidates Pete Buttigieg and Tom Steyer also dropped out amid increasing pressure from top Democrats to consolidate behind a Sanders alternative, leaving five Democrats still in the running.

During her campaign, Klobuchar portrayed herself as an electable Midwesterner who could attract votes from dissatisfied Republicans and help win key states Democrats lost in 2016. Her campaign focused on issues such as climate change, money in politics, and election reform.

Klobuchar ultimately failed to distinguish herself from other moderate Democrats, making it difficult to rase money even after winning an endorsement from the New York Times. 

Klobuchar completely failed to attract support from black voters, who gave her just 1% support in the South Carolina primary. Last weekend, Klobuchar was forced to cancel a rally in St. Louis Park, Minnesota when protestors with Black Lives Matter took over her stage.

Further complicating matters was her obligation as senator to attend the impeachment trial of Donald Trump in January.

Now, faced with the decision of trying to win her home state or throwing her support behind the only candidate likely to defeat Bernie Sanders, she chose the latter.

Klobuchar will formally announce her support for Joe Biden Monday at a rally in Dallas, Texas.

Author’s Note: It’s obvious the DNC is making a move to stop Bernie Sanders (who will lose to Trump) and Michael Bloomberg, a Republican-in-hiding trying to buy his way into the White House.

Editor’s Note: In retrospect, the move by the DNC to eliminate and gain the endorsement of other moderate candidates gained a great amount of momentum for Joe.

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  1. Beach

    What the Demos have to offer as Presidential Candidates:
    Biden—A senile old man who does not even know where he is half the time and believe that there is nothing wrong with corrupt politicians.
    Bernie—he just wants to turn the USA into a communist country!!
    Thanks but not thanks:
    TRUMP 2020
    Take back the house and keep the Senate……continue to support a President who actually works for US Citizens and the USA!!!