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Amnesty Halted for Now by Federal Judge

Amnesty Halted for Now by Federal Judge
The Honorable Andrew Hanen of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas instated an injunction that put an immediate stop to Obama’s plan of granting amnesty to five million illegal immigrants. Although the injunction is temporary, it will prevent amnesty until the Supreme Court is able to hear the case. Twenty-six states have teamed up to file a lawsuit in the hopes of having the executive order declared unconstitutional. Many public figures including Sherif Joe Arpaio and Trey Gowdy are applauding this decision. If the Supreme Court finds that Obama’s amnesty program is unconstitutional, the executive order will be discarded.

As Rush Limbaugh explained on a recent talk show, executive order amnesty is deeply intertwined with Obamacare. The twenty-six states suing over amnesty are the same 26 who did not set up their own system to subsidize Obamacare for their residents. The governors of these states claim that if amnesty is approved, their states will suffer great financial damage from having to subsidize healthcare for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who have not paid into state taxes.

The Department of Homeland Security is abiding by the courts ruling. DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson has stated that he ‘strongly disagrees’ with the ruling, but must honor it. President Obama has continued making preparations for the implementation of his amnesty package regardless of the ruling. He told reporters that he anticipates these legal issues being resolved in his favor and fully intends to go ahead with the order.

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