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American Journalists, Students, & Allies still Trapped in Afghanistan

American Journalists, Students, & Allies still Trapped in Afghanistan

US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan was completed by the August 31st deadline with some very important exceptions. 

Let’s start with the 100+ government-sponsored journalists President Joe Biden had promised to evacuate. These journalists work for the US Agency for Global Media (USAGM) and regularly receive death threats from the Taliban regarding their work.  

On August 25th, a group of more than 60 lawmakers wrote a letter to Biden begging him to consider the evacuation of these individuals and their family members a priority. Despite promises from the State Department, many of them were turned away at the airport. In some cases, their personal information was handed directly to Taliban militants.

Groups that are still trying to evacuate employees include: the US Agency for International Development, the American University of Afghanistan, the National Endowment for Democracy, and the Human Society.

“You would have expected that the United States government, which helped create the space for journalism and civil society in Afghanistan over the last 20 years, would have tried to do more over the last several weeks to assist journalists who made a decision that it was best for them to leave the country,” said Radio Free Europe President Jamie Fly. Especially considering the Administration’s Herculean efforts to evacuate Afghan journalists from private news organizations.

Biden doesn’t seem to mind, though. In a speech delivered Tuesday, he proudly announced that “ninety percent of Americans in Afghanistan who wanted to leave were able to leave.” 

Also left behind were 27 elementary and high school students from Sacramento, California. Most have family members with them, said officials from the San Juan Unified School District.

“We believe that some of these families may be in transit out of Afghanistan, as we have not been able to reach many of them in the last few days,” said Raj Rai, director of communications for the district. “We stand ready to support these students and families in whatever way that we can.”

As horror stories from Kabul continue to make headlines, retired military leaders are calling for the resignation of Biden Administration “yes men” involved in the withdrawal. 

“I think it’s very fair to ask for accountability for senior leaders, and that includes the military leaders as well as the national security adviser and the secretary of state. Somebody needs to be held accountable,” argues retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kelllogg. “I think it’s up to them to resign. If not, I think the president should remove them. It would help the American people if he changed out his national security team becuase we don’t know what ground truth is.”

“[I] am deeply disappointed in the leadership at the Department of Defense, leadership that is in large part responsible for the crisis we have watched unfold in Afghanistan,” adds Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson (R), a retired Navy rear admiral. 

Kellogg and Jackson are demanding the resignation of “incompetent” Biden Administration officials Loyd Austin (Sec. of Defense), Antony Blinken (Sec. of State), Mark Milley (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), and Jake Sullivan (National Security Adviser).

“I am a firm believer that those in charge who are given the authority to make decisions should also accept responsibility for their actions when things don’t go as planned,” continued Jackson, adding that he is “disgusted” by the Biden Administration’s attempt to spin troop withdrawal as a win while Taliban militants ‘parade around in American-made military equipment and American citizens are trapped behind enemy lines.’ 

Author’s Note: It would have been impossible to complete troop withdrawal without setbacks, but the Biden Administration’s celebration of the operation as a win is an insult to those left behind; to those now at risk of becoming Taliban hostages.


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  1. Richard

    Maybe Dementia Joe thinks he’s playing a board game like Stratego or Risk. Or, who knows, at his next presser, perhaps you’ll hear him shout, “I sunk your battleship!”.

  2. dd

    Don’t worry, I just heard that BIDEN had them saddle up his great WHITE HORSE to rush to their aide!

  3. Ben

    This is one of those boot straps kinda deals. Trump set this up last year. The State Department has been warning everyone to get out for months… the writing has been on the wall, why are they shocked?

  4. Dan Tyree

    Thanks retard joe and his commie supporters.

  5. Frank Stetson

    Can you even name one acknowledge communist that’s a Democrat?

    I have a long list of Republican acknowledged racists unlike your Democratic Racist lists; the Republican Racists are alive and in office.

    BUSTED. again
    and again.

    • Dan Tyree

      Yes I can. Everyone that I’ve seen on talk shows ect that identifies as communist are democrats. And I’ve never heard of a Republican that supports communism. So you’re busted. There’s plenty of stuff that I could pick you apart with but I don’t bother. I couldn’t change your mind and you will never change mine. I’ve studied the communist manifesto to educate myself and your party is up to your ears in communism. Some of it looks good on paper but the enforcement of communism is nothing to do with freedom. And your crowd can’t stand the thought of being large and in charge. A person doesn’t have to carry a membership card to be a communist. Just choose to be led by them Fortunately many of the radical democrats from the sixties are dying off and maybe some common sense will return to what was once a good party

  6. Joseph S. Bruder

    Trump surrendered to the Taliban in February of 2020. They had more than a year to get the hell out of a war zone. It’s like praying to God for a winning lottery ticket, and God says, sure, but you have to help me out and at least buy a ticket. Nobody gets out if they don’t actually try to leave until the Mongol hoards are at their door.

    And puh-leez, quoting Ronnie Jackson? And dignifying him with the title “retired rear admiral of the Navy” – this is the White House doctor who was boozing it up in the White House while pronouncing that Trump was in “excellent health” while shaving off about 30-40 lbs from his weight. This is the same doctor who was boozing and pill-popping and partying in the White House.

    Alice, you went back to your old habits, with your author’s note and your selection of biased-source quotes. Be Better!