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Alex Horist on Prison Reform

Alex Horist on Prison Reform

Alex Horist, son of Larry Horist and newly minted political commentator talks about prison reform.

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  1. Charles Abernathy

    One thing that may not be apparent to you is that once it became possible to “run a background check”
    on anyone for 30.00 with the internet, even mom and pop shops started to use that as a factor in hiring. The difficulty cons face in finding meaningful employment is PROFOUND. The fact that MOST of these people are able bodied men makes it a travesty that no consideration has been made to remove the stigma and encourage employers to “take a chance” and give a con a REAL chance at making an honest living. I’m not talking about casual labor or food service/janitorial… I am talking about jobs we could describe as positions, with benefits and things associated with them that would make the con feel like he was no longer disenfranchised and separated from society. Maybe they would think that it WAS worth it to stay on the straight and narrow/. I’d be happy to talk about it with you,

  2. Fire21

    The reason 2.3 million are in prison is because 2.3 million were convicted of breaking our laws! Behave and stay out of prison!

  3. Mark Hay

    I wonder if our very freedom is the reason we have more people in prison than any other country. People here are free to do pretty much anything, at least at a level beyond anything in most other countries. When you can do more than anywhere else, LEGALLY, and then you combine that with the human nature to push limits, take a mile when given an inch, etc., it should be no surprise that we have more violators than anywhere else. And the permissive attitude regarding DISregard for laws, vastly more prevalent among the left relative to right leaning folks, is like throwing gas on this fire.