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Al Franken vs. Joe Biden

Al Franken vs. Joe Biden

As Democrats search desperately for a way to ignore Tara Reade’s claims about Joe Biden without appearing hypocritical, I find it important to note Democrats’ treatment of Senator Al Franken.

In 2017, radio host Leeann Tweeden accused Franken of forcibly French kissing her during a USO tour of the Middle East in 2006. She produced a photo that appears to show Franken grabbing her breasts while she is asleep.

Under pressure from Democratic colleges in the Senate, Franken resigned three weeks later. He denied the accusations.

Let’s take a look at Joe Biden, who was accused of sexual assault and is seeking a higher office than that held by Franken.

The liberal media refrained from asking Biden to address Reade’s accusation for more than a month. Biden finally issued a statement denying the accusations, but has refused to release a trove of sealed documents from his Senate career that could shed light on the incident.

Biden continues to run for president with little pushback from the Democratic Party.

Ironically, Democrats are credited with launching the idea that all women who come forward with a sexual assault or sexual misconduct allegation be believed no matter what.

Writing in a NY Times column, Maureen Dowd noted that Democrats tend to “set standards that come back and bite them. They have created a cage of their own making.”

Now, Democrats are forced to choose between following their own rules and potentially losing the election to Trump, or supporting Biden despite the claims made against him. 

Choosing the second option is Senator Kirstin Gillibrand (D-NY), a #MeToo leader who called on Franken to resign without the ethics investigation he asked for. This time around, after having dropped out of the presidential race and endorsing Biden, she is standing by the former Vice President in spite of Reade’s claims and is even headlining a campaign event titled “Women for Biden.”

“So when we say ‘believe women,’ it’s for this explicit intention of making sure there’s space for all women to come forward to speak their truth, to be heard,” said Gillibrand, noting that Reade’s claims have been investigated.

Biden has also been forced to backtrack earlier comments about women being believed no matter what. Now, he claims all women deserve to be “heard” and “vetted” rather than believed up front.

Editor’s Note: Franken was sacrificed in order to set the bar very high for the likes of Donald Trump and Bret Kavanaugh. And I do mean sacrificed. The only purpose in drumming him out was to demonstrate the “resolve” of the Democratic Party as they relentlessly attacked Trump.  Now those “standards” are wilting under the realization that it might cost them the Presidency. Hypocrisy at its worst.

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  1. Lowell

    “Now, Democrats are forced to choose between following their own rules and potentially losing the election to Trump, or supporting Biden despite the claims made against him. ”

    Why would they follow their own rules? They made those rules to drag down Republicans. That has nothing to do with Democrats.

    MAGA/KAG Trump 2020!!!

    • Derek Blurb

      So in spite of rumors about Trump and wimmin folks, and the highly ethical democrits objections (no investigations?), Trump was elected. Why should we not elect as president a senile serial groper and rapist (finger penetration IS rape) who successfully escaped prosecution for decades? Quite a rap sheet. But I digress, not ethics, but double standard is the issue. Hypocrisy is great in politics

  2. A/A (Actually Aware)

    Alice, you and Larry Horist are quickly becoming my favorite commentators. You guys seem to see through the BS with more clarity than most. Keep it up!

  3. Gene Hudson

    Just another prime example of the Dimowits hypocrisy.What stands out to me is they think the voters dont see through their lies and deceit.

  4. TCT

    Sorry… Biden is connected and there is a double standard in place for connected people.
    Democratic personal standards they hold their side to.
    Democratic personal standards they hold Republicans to.
    Think Gillibrand would take a one on one closed door meeting with Joe????
    So there’s only 8 women who have said Biden’s assalted them.
    They are all “Lying dog faced pony soldiers!!!!”

    See you on November the 9th…
    When the Democrats will all be washed away…
    Bye Joey good bye.
    Bye Joey good bye.

    Please take the Clintons and the Obamas and go away….

  5. Wilma Lovins

    Joe is a good family man – He is a good man he just loves everyone and hugging someone doesn’t make him a bad person he grew up when you did hug women to greet them that is what his ancestors etc taught him. My Mother-in-Law hugged and kissed me every time we met…at first I am thinking I don’t hug women unless it is my family but you see people that grew up in Joe time frame and i am one of those women understand the difference. I do not believe anything these women state they are wanting to be noticed. We need to move forward and elect Joe Biden for President.

    • David DiTinno

      Wilma, you are just as senile as Joe is perverse. If 8 women are saying that he did something to them then there needs to be an intensive investigation. Especially if the perpetrator is running for the highest office in the U.S. It would be a grave disservice to all women to no turn this inside out, like it was done against Trump, to ensure Groping Joe was innocent.