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Abortion, Gun Control Laws a Double Win for Texas 

Abortion, Gun Control Laws a Double Win for Texas 

Texas Republicans celebrated two major victories Wednesday after the Supreme Court upheld a new abortion law the same day the state eased restrictions for handguns. 

The weapons policy, signed in June, allows Texas residents to carry a handgun without a permit, background check, or training. Supporters believe the law will help Texas residents protect themselves following a series of mass shootings and amid a worsening crisis at the southern border, while opponents say it will increase the burden on law enforcement. 

“Politicians from the federal level to the local level have threatened to take guns from law-abiding citizens, but we will not let that happen in Texas,” promised Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R). “Texas will always be the leader in defending the Second Amendment, which is why we built a barrier around gun rights this session.” 

Later on Wednesday, the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to uphold a Texas law blocking abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected (roughly six weeks into a pregnancy). 

The ruling applied not to the constitutionality of the law, but to the way the law operates, notes NPR’s Nina Totenberg.

“This law is different than any other restriction on abortion that has been enacted by states in the past and blocked by the lower courts and the Supreme Court consistently,” explains Totenberg. “This law delegates enforcement not to the state officials but to any individual in the state, who can sue the clinic, sue individuals, sue potentially staff members…family members, people who drive abortion patients to the clinic. This law is very different.” 

In an unsigned ruling, the Supreme Court implied it would hear the case again in the future if presented with an actual lawsuit and acknowledged that Texas abortion providers had raised important questions regarding the constitutionality of the law. 

In his dissenting opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts said he would have blocked the law temporarily to give the lower courts more time to contemplate questions such as “whether a state can avoid responsibility for its laws” by “ delegating enforcement to…the populace at large.”

President Joe Biden spoke out against the ruling, saying it “unleashes unconstitutional chaos.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who also opposed the ruling, said the lower chamber would pursue legislation to reverse the court’s decision. “The Supreme Court’s cowardly, dark-of-night decision to uphold a flagrantly unconstitutional assault on women’s rights and health is staggering.”


Supreme Court Upholds New Texas Abortion Law, For Now 

You Can Now Carry A Handgun In Texas Without A License, Training Or Background Check 

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  1. Dan Tyree

    Good for Texas. The rest of the country should follow

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      What this does is move the “pack the Supreme court” from a few activists to basically all non-Republicans. Texas has stepped on a real hornets nest there…

      And if the gun nuts in Texas want to start shooting themselves, fine. It will only hurt Texas in the long run. Although Mexico is complaining about the number of guns flowing through Texas to there. When they start having gun fights in the streets, and lots of innocent bystanders get killed, maybe Texas will reconsider.

      Dan, you seem to be the ultimate gun nut… Why don’t you head on down to Texas and be with “your kind”…

      • Dan Tyree

        Define gun nut. Are you speaking of freedom loving people who lawfully exercise their 2nd amendment rights? And have you forgotten that your pet mulatto sanctioned smuggling guns into Mexico? How soon we forget. If the USA becomes a so called gun free country the drug cartels will rule here just like in Mexico. But your commie party would love that. It’s already beginning. So stay disarmed if you want. Someday when your wife and kids are tortured and gang raped in front of you that’s when you would sale your soul for a gun to at least try to defend them. If we wasn’t an armed country crime would be a lot worse. So go ahead and make your snarky smart ass remarks. But most of America knows the truth. Lol. You people believe in a world where people sing camp fire songs and eat from the same pot. I’ve said this before. Democracy is a wolf, fox and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch. Real freedom is a well armed sheep. So keep on being stupid. It can’t be fixed

  2. F. Kneer

    I have the God given and consttuitional right to defend myself. I don’t need the permission of some moronic polition.

  3. Joseph S. Bruder

    Oh, Alice… we had such high hopes for you. Apparently, if a real journalist can’t interject opinion into the body of the article, and the bogus “author’s note” stating your opinion won’t cut it, you have to stoop to putting your opinion right into the title. And don’t tell me that the website chooses the titles – I’m sure you have more control than that.

    Just how do you think Texas wins with these decisions? Nationally, and I’m sure it applies to Texas as well, very few people are stopped from committing a crime because “a good guy with a gun” happened to be nearby. Good guys with a gun are usually in the way of real law enforcement, and often end up getting shot themselves (especially if they’re black). And “good guys with a gun” are not trained to avoid innocent people in the line of fire. But now, anyone who wants a gun, even bad guys, can carry them in Texas, no questions asked.

    And how do Texans win with restrictive abortion laws? From your picture (assuming it’s real), you look to be of child-bearing age. If you were living in Texas, weren’t married, and got pregnant, could you afford to support yourself on the salary that old Joe Gilbertson pays you? With the COVID policies in force in Texas, many places of business can’t stay open, so there’s even less chance of you getting good paying work. So, what are you going to do? Find a coat hanger and “solve” the problem yourself? Leave Texas, until you find a state that isn’t controlled by Republicans, so you have freedom of choice? Have the baby and condemn yourself to another 20 years of low paying jobs while you struggle to raise it, or try to go on the public dole (which, I’m sure, in Texas is probably bare minimum to live off of by yourself, much less with a child)?

    The reason for these laws comes down to Republican gerrymandering in the first place. Republicans outnumber Democrats by only 3%, with 19% independents, but they take a far greater share of the legislature than the population would suggest. Do you think the voter suppression laws that were just passed in Texas also were a win for Texas? By drawing districts in their favor, and using tricks to make it harder to vote in Democratic areas, they’ve enabled the legislature to enact far-right conservative laws that hurt people.

    • Dan Tyree

      Joseph thousands of people have been saved by a good guy with a gun. I’ll bet that if some thugs were victimizing your family and were going to gang rape your wife and daughter, if you have any, or even you a good guy with a gun would be welcome. I’ve known people that saved themselves and others with a gun. I’m one of them and it happened in around 1996. So if you don’t want a gun to keep in the house or carry that’s your business. I carry guns in public everywhere that I can legally do it and I keep it to myself. And I’m properly trained. You might live in a gated community with armed guards. Most of us doesn’t have that privilege and I don’t have a cop traveling with me. And the cities ran by commiecrats are the most dangerous cities on earth. With officers giving up the job because their states and cities don’t have their backs, it’s up to the people to protect themselves and their families. You are living in lala land like most liberal morons. You people have caused many people to be murdered, raped, robbed and assaulted. Yes it’s true that gun violence is running wild, but the greatest majority of gun owners don’t do that shit. If your family were in serious danger you would sale your soul to have a good gun in your hands. Try talking that bullshit to people that’s been through it. And quit picking on Alice. She has more sense in her smallest toe than you idiots have in your entire heads. And be sure that we aren’t giving up our guns. So unless you want a civil war, don’t start any shit and there won’t be any. I know that the statistics on gun violence is terrible. But the states should enforce the laws already on the books

    • Carlo Adkins

      Joseph S Bruder the laws already on the books are not going anywhere. If I’m found to be carrying a gun here in Texas you can bet that I would be checked out for a criminal record or some other cause to forbid my owning and carrying guns. I suggest that if someone gets pulled over by the police that they keep their hands in sight and inform the officers that they are armed. You said that bad people can carry with no questions asked. Not so. State and federal laws still apply. Do your homework. I can see both sides of the issue but people need to use common sense. You said something about the possibility of getting in the way of law enforcement. But law enforcement isn’t always around when we need them. I do suggest that people who carry guns be sure to get training, and most important make sure that they know the laws on defense and using deadly force

  4. Glenn S

    So the ruling pisses off John Roberts, Buyed-in and Pelosi! Triple win!

  5. Ben

    I think it is important to note that the SCOTUS did NOT rule in favor of the Texas abortion ban. They ruled that the plaintiff did not have good standing to petition the Court, as the vigilante system Texas set up doesn’t not have the state government hunt down offenders.

    This is an important distinction. They will be forced to rule on the subject eventually.

    • Nitpicker

      Right you are Ben. Don’t forget this important distinction when you talk about no voter fraud in 2020.

      • Ben

        Im eagerly awaiting for the proof of this voter fraud you speak of…

  6. frank stetson

    Buyed in — that’s actually funny although not sure what you really mean by it…..cute though.

    OK Danny-boy; here’s one where we might have some agreement. Yes, good guys with guns save many, and even more than known since many don’t phone it in afterwards plus if no one shot, no report most often even if someone saved. Further, it is pretty rare for a good guy with a gun protecting someone in an active situation to miss and hit an innocent. I looked, very hard to find.

    That said, since gunnies like to quote the 2nd amendment so much and always try to tell us what’s in the mind of the founders which most gunnies treat as static, unwavering, mantra that does not change, does not evolve, then…. Dan should know that the founding fathers would feel that concealed carry was the act of a low and deceitful character. Only a cad would hide their weapon to sneak it out on the attack. Just an fyi for you concealed carry low character types :>)

    That said, while good guys with guns rarely miss; many a good guy with a gun turns bad. Basically as someone said, it’s a numbers game and more guns = more gun deaths. There are things that good be done to improve things, I think there are some win-wins, I do have some unique answers, but that’s another post for another article. And kids killing with guns, kids being killed by guns, most often the police say “oh, what an terrible accident,” and nothing happens to the shithead parents who shoulda just got the abortion and saved time. Even suicide numbers could be lowered if we lowered the number of guns. People say “oh, he didn’t need a gun, he coulda just cut his wrist,” but the truth is you are many more times likely to seal the deal with a gun than any other choice. Most other choices fail more often and repeat offenders are only a small percentage. Just saying.

    Dan, you solved a problem with a gun. I daresay I solved the same problem without one. So what? We both were lucky. That does not mean I don’t have guns. I have enough, I am more of a “if you use it, make it work” type so they are very capable ones.

    Do you really believe “most liberal morons” live in la la land? Are you saying for liberals that “you people have caused many people to be murdered, raped, robbed and assaulted.” Can you prove that? Of course not. You post lies all the time, get called on them, can never provide a scintilla of evidence to your wild and false accusations, and have to lower yourself to name calling just to feel better about the weak arguments and lies you put forth. You really just don’t have the concept of discussion down and seem more interested in shocking. Such a waste.

    • Dan Tyree

      Frank my situation of defusing a threat was two punks had me cornered with knives. But no shots were fired. And yes, police and soldiers sometimes go bad. And in my state guns are to be stored in a way to keep them from kids. And every time that a kid gets a gun and shoots them selves or others the gun owners are prosecuted, as they should be. It’s misdemeanor but in some states it’s a felony. As per my remarks about liberals causing people to be victimized, some places make it as hard as hell to obtain or carry guns. I’m not against the concept of carry permits and when I got mine several years ago the background check was almost like applying for a government job. They even interview our neighbors to get a read on our character. The founding fathers didn’t speak against guns being carried concealed. But many places only grant permits to the rich or connected people, like New York and a few other states. Our rights are supposed to be for everyone. And no, criminals and crazy people, are people with records of domestic violence shouldn’t have guns, to name a few. And I also know some liberals personally that carry guns and have their permits. Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein to name a few. I don’t know them personally but I thought that I would throw that out there. And some of the liberal mayors as well. Some of them want to defund the police and they hire their own security. Most people can’t afford to do that

  7. Ben

    Alice, I think more importantly, Gov Abbott has figured out a way to stop rape! This is super awesome news! Millions of future potential rape victims will forever in his debt and not even know it!
    I want to know how long he has had the ability to do this and hasn’t?

    On a secondary thought, I find it curious how you are excited to give the ability to control your own body over to the state. Care to follow up?

    • frank stetson

      First Dan, recognize that gun injuries are the second major cause of death for those under 19 behind auto accidents. Look what we do to reduce that in cars. Look what we don’t do to reduce this with guns. Even makes me feel bad for my 40% profit on Biden gun sales. Works for every election with a Democratic winner, especially if we cheat. Took me awhile to find the perfect pandemic gun equity, but, hey 40% profit is worth the look see.

      “And every time that a kid gets a gun and shoots them selves or others the gun owners are prosecuted, as they should be.” Even without knowing what State you live in, I am pretty sure this is not true. And for the country, it is most certainly not true. In one year, someone looked at 100 cases of child gun violence where somehow, a kid got a gun, and somehow, shot someone with 80 of those cases being a gun from a home. Out of 100 cases, there were 4 charges of parents. Dan, only handful of states have storage liability laws. Texas is one of them. However, even in Texas, if the kid is 17, the law does not apply, only up to 16. And that’s balanced against 30 states which allow kids to own long guns and even rifles — like assault rifles. On handguns, we have Federal Laws mandating 18 years of age except for employment, ranching, farming, target practice and hunting which obscures a lot of ground.

      One study found only 50% of the cases of a kid getting a gun because the idiot parent didn’t secure it was the parent even charged. It’s a low number Dan.

      I think only one state requires gun locks at all times. Only a handful require a locked storage area. Most states do not mandate any sort of training. Am I missing something Dan, please enlighten us as to your conclusion that seems very wrong because it appears to me that the laws on liability are lax, prosecutors pursue such cases rarely, and all too often police and prosecutors conclude: “oh, it’s a tragic accident.”

      But, like I said, perhaps another story, another thread, we ain’t gonna litigate gun safety, control, and liberties here. Because you nailed the biggest problem when you said: “some states…..” There is no national protection against kids with guns and the state’s fail miserably to set a consistent bar on liabilities when it happens, fewer yet pursue it beyond the tragic accident level even if they can.

      Again, a five minute research to show that Dan’s conclusion is BUSTED. Kids can own guns, kids get guns, parents don’t get charged often when kids with guns kill other folk, whether by accident, fun or profit.

      “The founding fathers didn’t speak against guns being carried concealed.” Perhaps not specifically, but the general culture at the time did, of which the Founding Fathers were part of, thought concealed carry was a heinous act. America did not toss English common law, which did not allow for armed travel, and placed even more restrictions on concealed carry. Look it up. The main difference America added was the “imminent danger” sort of exclusion. Just google “what did founding fathers think about concealed carry.” Not a hard search.

      BUSTED again.

      You really need to look before you let your mouth leap. Apparently you have learned a number of untruths.

      • Amber

        Hey Frankie, the individual states have taken tje constitution and made their own adjustments, because the constitution said they could. These states decided that the only way a person could carry was concealed. Yet the 2A says we have the rite to carry no matter what. The state’s don’t care. I had to go thru the background check (not mentioned in 2A), had to pay for a permit(again not mentioned in 2a), and then had to pay for a state background (again not mentioned in 2A). The only reason I even got my permit was because a man tried to take my car. The only reason he didn’t was because I had the doors locked.
        For those of u who don’t remember their history the DEMO RATS are the ones who set up the welfare state. They are the ones who have tried and in some cases to destroy the people. Oh by the way the bad guys are the ones who don’t give a f********k about u or any one else and they have always had access to weapons and they NEVER asked permission. They also don’t care about the gun laws.

      • Dan Tyree

        So gun injury is a leading cause in the country. But that’s my fault because? Let’s be clear. That’s where proper training and responsibility comes in. And I refuse to be disarmed. We have enough gun laws that either don’t work or aren’t enforced. The commiecrats want shootings to push their agenda

      • Nitpicker

        Stop with the B.S. Frank. The states with the biggest gun problems are run mostly by gun-hating Democrats.

      • Gary eubanks

        Your so called research is aided by Marxist assholes. No armed travel in the founder’s times. You are so full of shit. You’ve busted nobody with your commie propaganda. And hell no we aren’t going to disarm. There’s lots of people that are gearing up for a showdown.

  8. frank stetson

    Good one Ben. Abbott had to be the funniest redirect I have ever seen. “uh, hey A b b o t t….what about the rape victim’s babies….” Well, Texas will arrest and imprison all the rapists…..that’s our answer. Rape victims everywhere screamed in delight. Rapists feel so much better that they can be family men now too. Matter of fact, multiple families if they avoid Abbott’s rape police.

    A pretty miserable answer from Abbott given the 14,000 rapes in Texas every year. That’s 14,000 potential rape babies. 14,000 Abbott failures every year in Texas.

    The good news is most incest victims are rape victims too so we only get one unwanted state-supported, taxpayer baby off of two crimes.

    No doubt the vigilantes will be there to tell the incest-rape babies, “hey, I saved you” when they are old enough. That will help make things OK.

    In other Texas news, Governor Abbott will sign new law banning incest-rape babies from voting saying “hey, they were born cheaters from Mothers who deserved them. But they can own guns, don’t have to wear a mask or prove that they are vaccinated.” Rumor has it that Cyber Ninja’s has opened a new Division specializing in EPT recounts to be able to grab the bounties from any positive test results. It’s called Cyber Ninja Incest Rape Baby Protection Unit or P-U for short. They will have results in either 3 weeks or 6 months.

    Satan smiles. Sigh.

    • Nitpicker

      Your are a sick man frank. Satan is indeed smiling at you.

  9. Frank stetson

    Dan: that was under 19 is second leading cause of death. I did not blame you of anything beyond spewing things not true. Training is nice. Training is not a requirement; it’s a personal choice. I don’t want to disarm anyone. And there are no Connie rats except in your mind which keeps convincing you to spew things not true. At least you’re man enough not to admit it. And the change the subject.

    Still waiting for the Kamala heels up job plan you said you have proof off. Or is that still another lie like the ones you stopped talking about here?

  10. fra

    Yes, Picker, I am going to hell on a sled, but at least I’m enjoying the ride.

    This Texas law is one of the cruelest I have ever seen and the unintended consequences of literally putting bounties on a this crime for citizens spying on other citizens on behalf of the State had incredible ramifications. Think of all the crimes we might get paid on in the future if we just turn our neighbors in. Soon, for fun and profit too!!!!

  11. frank stetson

    Nitpicker, thanks for the “nah, nah, not me, it’s you.” Yes, all of America is going to hell if we continue to hide behind lies to rationalize our beliefs that the other side is so bad they must leave, as Dan likes to say….

    You, for example, boldly stated: “Stop with the B.S. Frank. The states with the biggest gun problems are run mostly by gun-hating Democrats.”

    Now, leaving aside the lunacy of my stopping the B.S. BECAUSE there are states with gun problems run by Democrats, like one has anything to do with the other, the simple truth is that you led with your heart feeling and believing what you said without bothering to use your mind to actually look. Because it legitimizers who you are when you demonize me to make you feel better about yourself.

    So, you look at Chicago or somewhere like it, extrapolate that to Democrats, Democrat-run states, and you’re complete. “The states with the BIGGEST gun problems are mostly run by gun-hating Democrats.” Incidentally, the “mostly” is a nice diffusion you put in, just in case it’s not 100%.

    And the answer is: “Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, and Rhode Island Have Lowest Gun Death Rates in the Nation. Alaska, Mississippi, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Alabama Have Highest Gun Death Rates in the Nation.

    On the low side, MA is Republican, the rest are Democratic. On the BIGGEST side, NM is Democratic, the rest are Republican.

    You were right on the “mostly” part, but totally BUSTED on the Democratic part —- it’s Republican, totally BUSTED. FYI – if you don’t like this source, there’s a million more…..

    Now, for fun, let’s play strict gun law, loose gun law game —- yup, those states with TOUGHER gun laws, MOSTLY governed by Democrats, have lower gun deaths, per capita, than LOOSER gun law states, mostly run by Republicans.

    Gosh, this is fun! How about this one. Want to guess who owns the States with the most covid deaths? Before you guess again, badly, please note that the first surge in New York, New Jersey was miniscule against the second and third surges; the third surge taking place MOSTLY in Republican states as their mantra is taking them to their graves.

    Ready for some more….
    Want to guess where the money is, where more money is made, where it is safer, where people are happier, oh boy this is fun……

    Actually, my belief is that conservatives provide a crucial element in our diversity. As a New Liberal, I actually embrace many conservative concepts, especially on the economy, just not so much on the social side. I believe in inclusion, great ideas come from everywhere. Freedom of choice is great, when it’s personal. When it affects the community, we should talk. I believe in a lending hand, not hand-outs. I believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, but trickle down is just warm piss – feels good for a moment, then the chill and smell sets in. But the bottom line is: Trumpers can meet me in hell, but at least I am enjoying the ride. How’s your handbasket?

    • Dan Tyree

      Seriously? I suppose that you think that criminals obey all gun laws. Some of the states that you mentioned have a much lower population. Yes, gun violence is a national problem. No question there. But it’s not often the legal gun owners as much as people already forbidden from owning guns. Bust up the gangs and lock up the people with illegal guns. It won’t stop the shootings 100%, but the numbers would be greatly decreased. But no, let’s keep attacking legal gun owners and hope that the criminals miss or that their guns jam. Hopefully the scotus will fix the lopsided permits laws when they hear the case next month

  12. frank stetson

    I am at a bit of a loss….”I suppose that you think that criminals obey all gun laws.” Not sure of the relevance or why you would presuppose such a silly thought you ascribe to me. Makes no sense. “Some of the states that you mentioned have a much lower population.” Uh, it’s a per capita assessment so population size only applies like more crowded, more shooting. Not sure why you are even attempting this thought, much less that it even makes sense. Per capita should level that playing field. “But it’s not often the legal gun owners as much as people already forbidden from owning guns.” Love to see your support given how hard this is given no tracking.

    “Bust up the gangs and lock up the people with illegal guns. It won’t stop the shootings 100%, but the numbers would be greatly decreased.” Well, can’t argue with that. But then again, same can be said if we take all the guns away from Blondes.

    “But no, let’s keep attacking legal gun owners” I don’t know who you are talking about but it ain’t me. Not sure you’re making sense again.

    And there are still no Commie rats except in your mind which keeps convincing you to spew things not true. At least you’re man enough not to admit it. And the change the subject. And we are still waiting for the Kamala heels up job plan you said you have proof off. Or is that still another lie like the ones you stopped talking about here?

    When will you ever support your spew?

    • Dan Tyree

      Frank you talk in circles. You are embarrassed that your retarded president has pushed heels up to the back of the bus. And the old fool admitted to being told when to shut up and walk away. That entire administration is a joke and nothing but a circle jerk. And the darling of the squad wants women to be addressed as a mensturating person. What happens when she reaches the age of menapause? Lol. And let’s talk about the idiot showing up at Larry Elders campaign event wearing a monkey mask. And throwing eggs and shooting pellets at them. What???? No comments or condemnation of these actions? Your silence is deafening. I find you people very entertaining. Stick around for laughs after your crowd gets washed away by the red wave.

  13. frank stetson

    Still waiting for you to prove your “heels up” allegation. Right now it sure looks like a lie that you continue to spew. I guess that makes you a liar if you can’t support but continue to puke this vomit out.

    “And the old fool admitted to being told when to shut up and walk away.” Again, no proof and again, not a clue what you are even talking about or what pertinence this has to whatever you are trying to say.

    “And the darling of the squad wants women to be addressed as a mensturating person.” Ditto no proof, no idea of the relevance anyway.

    “No comments or condemnation” Ditto, no proof, no idea of relevance. I did comment on your other burb of this tidbit which happened just a couple of days ago and no one has any background on the women in the monkey suit hurling eggs. See other comment.

    However, for a guy trying to call out the left for not commenting, still waiting for you to prove, or show evidence, or maybe even some source, for your allegations, like the ones above. You never back up what you say.

    FYI — so far, in special elections, since the 2020, the red wave as you call it is batting 500. As is the blue wave. And half of the contested elections were to fill Republican seats left vacant due to covid deaths; another sign of how the red wave is crashing. Just saying you might want to protect some of your raver wavers instead of just trying to cheat by restricting voters from getting to the polls. Over 1,000 potential red wave voters dying everyday now. Of course, some may be blue too. Sure. Probably. Of course, most are old so… Oh wait, old folks like to vote. Oh well. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

    Fact is you party’s plans to stop, reduce, end, kill, repulse, and hate is not the program for the masses. Your party of exclusion is not the program for the masses. You may have some good ideas, but as long as you profess things like: “And the darling of the squad wants women to be addressed as a mensturating person. What happens when she reaches the age of menapause? Lol,” you certainly aren’t gonna attract women, people interested in equal rights, minorities, peopel who spel corectily, and so many more. All you want to do is tear everything down because, IMO, you feel you are not getting yours. Well, you are not. Wah to that. IMO, it’s not the system’s fault, it not the Democrat’s fault, it’s not other ethnicity’s fault, it’s YOUR fault. And your guns won’t help you with that either.

    • Dan Tyree

      The interesting thing is that more women (mensturating people) are embracing gun rights. And more minorities are jumping ship and joining the republicans. Not enough yet, but many of them are waking up. It’s time. I would be pissed at people telling me I’m not black if I don’t vote a certain way. Sorry bud, but the plantation doesn’t hold them anymore.

  14. frank stetson

    Dan, thanks for speaking up for Blacks. What’s next, joining the NRA wing of BLM?

    Still waiting for you to prove your “heels up” allegation.
    Add to the list your: “And the old fool admitted to being told when to shut up and walk away.” Again, no proof. still waiting.
    And: “And the darling of the squad wants women to be addressed as a mensturating person.” Ditto no proof, I can’t wait to see you prove this.
    “No comments or condemnation” Ditto, no proof,

    For a guy constantly calling out the left for comments, not commenting, you can’t prove anything you write. It all appears to be unprovable. As in a Giant Lie.

    If you say this crap, you should have the guts to stand the line, face your critics, and show us these truths you spew.

    Or are you just full of crap. You have not been able to support one fact you stated that I have asked, multiple times, for you to put up or shut up. I guess you choose to shut up.

    Keep up the good work, or get some proof.

    • Dan Tyree

      Don’t need proof. I don’t care. But I believe it’s true. She’s a ho I’m still waiting for your spin on retard joe calling the black guy boy

      • Larry kuhn

        You leftist idiots are always spewing shit that’s true but with the stonewalling and lies proving isn’t possible in most cases. But the true patriots know that you people are lower than the scrapings from the bottom of a septic tank. If Harris fucked her way to the top it doesn’t matter. Let’s just hope that she doesn’t destroy America. I noticed that you and the other liberal morons on this site spout bullshit that you can’t prove. So stfu.

  15. frank stetson

    I realize you don’t care to prove anything you say. It’s easy not to care when you just can’t back up what you say, might be the only way to cope with the impotence of your allegations. Just like your total lack of creativity in your name calling and racist comments which all seem to come from the 60’s or earlier. Like watching a rerun of Archie Bunker. And not the funny ones. All for effect cuz you’re all hat no cowboy. You just can not prove what you spew.

    Biden, black guy, boy? Whatever could you be dreaming up now? But no. Don’t bother. Until you prove your “heels up ho” comments regarding Vice President Kamala Harris, I just don’t see why anyone should engage with you at all. You seem feckless, fact-less, fearful, and clearly confused.

    I think we are done.

    • Dan Tyree

      Archie bunker for president. And I can back up the stories about your whore We are gathering the facts as we speak

    • Mac ewing

      Frank Joe Biden did refer to a black man on his team as “my boy “. It’s true. Newsmax and fox reported it. But I’m sure that you watch only fake news like cnn msnbc and the other liars in the main stream media that hides Biden’s stupidity But keep your head up your ass. You look better that way. And yes, Kamala Harris did screw her way to the top. But that’s not illegal so proving it isn’t necessary

  16. frank stetson

    We? You need help? You have friends?

    Can’t wait……


    And don’t forget to support the other spew at some point as well. Think you gonna need a bigger boat to hold all those “friends.”

    “Still waiting for you to prove your “heels up” allegation.
    Add to the list your: “And the old fool admitted to being told when to shut up and walk away.” Again, no proof. still waiting.
    And: “And the darling of the squad wants women to be addressed as a mensturating person.” Ditto no proof, I can’t wait to see you prove this.
    “No comments or condemnation” Ditto, no proof”

    I applaud the effort, the willingness. Good luck.

    • Dan Tyree

      AOC was recently being interviewed by the queer Anderson Cooper when she spouted her stupidity. Why not use bitch on the rag for short. About heels up. I believe that the stories about her being a gutter slut are all true. So I challenge you to prove me wrong. No??? I didn’t think so. By the way, my bitch on the rag comment was for AOC and her bitch squad. Not women in general. But spin it as you will. You mentioned the BLM with their own NRA. That’s fine if their agenda is freedom for law abiding citizens to be armed. But unfortunately their agenda seems to be to shoot cops from ambush. Cowards that they are. And some of them have been quoted as talking about killing whites. Yes, it’s been reported by the news. But all that you do is pick and choose what to bitch about. I feel that my life matters more. Take that as you will but lawless people deserve no respect. And BLM and antifa are armed Do you want them to disarm? Or go ahead with their plans to get whitey? They had better be careful. Whitey will shoot back Our country is sitting on a powder keg and the leftist assholes will light the fuse sooner or later. I can honestly say that I’ve never wronged anyone of another race But the commiecrats history shows that they can’t say that

    • Lonnie acord

      Frank I double dog dare you to prove that kumala isn’t a heels up gutter slut. And yes, Joe Biden did refer to his black advisor as his “boy”. Sorry pal. You lose. So go crawl in a hole and die asshole.

  17. frank stetson

    “So I challenge you to prove me wrong. No??? I didn’t think so.” It really is a false logic to try to defend your allegation by saying “if you can’t prove me wrong, then it must be true.” That’s the defense of a brain-dead conspiracy theorist.

    Good try, but the bottom line is that you like to make statements, quite often, that you can not support with any real facts. IOW, you seem to live in your own fantasy world and expect others to believe you. When one can not support what they assert, with facts, it would appear that said information is not true. You seem to offer a lot of what seems to be untrue. You can’t prove it so you defend it by saying it can’t be disproved. That’s like me saying: “Dan is a dick.” “I mean, no one has said he isn’t a dick so he must be a dick.” We will call it the D3 defense for Dick Dan Defense.

    You said you had the info, you said your friends were helping you, and now you said your support is: crickets. Nada. Zip. Silence. Sigh.

    According to Dan, everything he spews is the God’s honest truth unless you can disprove it. Dan has spoken.

    • Dan Tyree

      I admit that I’m a dick. And a huuuuge one. But prove me wrong about heels up

    • CuRtis blakE

      Maybe the people that post on this site should have a meet and greet.

  18. frank stetson

    Again, it is your statement. It is your statement to prove. Your pushback is infantile.

    Either support what you say, walk it back, or admit you just make stuff up to get a reaction. Just like your name calling, racist statements and other shock-appeal statements.

    You obviously make stuff up, lie at will, and then ask others to prove your lies because you have no facts to support them. The only proof in this you have presented is your self admission as to your own character. Does not support your allegations about Vice President Kamala Harris though.

    All hat, no cattle.

    • Dan Tyree

      She’s still a heels up ho. People from her past has dug the dirt on her. But I don’t care. I know that it’s true but it’s not mine to prove. You don’t need to worry your brain over it either. Bill Clinton was as immoral as anyone. He even raped women. Maybe men too. I don’t know and don’t care. And Tara Reade was very truthful about retard joe. Oh well. Morals mean nothing to commiecrats. You’re just uncomfortable being confronted with the truth about your crowd So tell me. Should I stop posting? Let’s have a vote and see if it will be honest

  19. frank stetson

    “I know that it’s true but it’s not mine to prove.”

    Actually it is. You said it. Can’t you support what you say?

    But wait, there’s more…..

    “Still waiting for you to prove your “heels up” allegation.
    Add to the list your: “And the old fool admitted to being told when to shut up and walk away.” Again, no proof. still waiting.
    And: “And the darling of the squad wants women to be addressed as a mensturating person.” Ditto no proof, I can’t wait to see you prove this.
    “No comments or condemnation” Ditto, no proof”

    You said you have friends helping you to find support for what you said. What happened? No friends? No support? Another story you made up to make yourself feel better?

    Apparently, you spew things that you can’t support. Some would call those lies and you a liar. I will not, you are not worth it. I wonder if ANYTHING you have ever posted here is true. Probably less truth than a mad Russian bot attempting to stir the American pot turning liberals against conservatives for their own gain. Well, we are done, I see no reason anyone should engage in discussion with a person of your self-description. You can’t support anything you post. It’s all drivel that spews from you, none of it true, none you can back up, none you can prove is a fact at all. All not true.

    So bring on the name calling, the allegations, the accusations, the lies. We see you now, we know what you are.

    • Dan Tyree

      Frank you need to attend anger management therapy. I truly believe that what I post is true. And AOC did make those comments. I saw the footage. And yes, many people who knew the token said those things and I believe that most of it’s true. But the main issue is the leftist agenda that we must defeat to keep Americans from being forced into socialism

  20. frank stetson

    I truly believe you believe what you post. OInly you are talking about AOC, your knickers knotted, as you spew what probably is YAL. I refuse to move forward with you until you confirm, validate, or walk back the other comments I clearly detailed for you. Matter of fact, they are your quotes. Why I would need anger management therapy for calling you out as a liar is beyond my pay grade to understand? Do you think pretending I have issues somehow proves you are not sharing fictional accounts you believe are facts.

    Changing topics from Kamala and the myriad of other feckless, fake, false, fabricated facts I noted, to the recent AOC garbage you just made up does not change the fact that you appear to be a frequent liar with no thought of guilt for doing it, doing it again, and again and again. I refuse to fact check you IF you refuse to accept facts and just keep making up more stuff. I believe you believe what you post. And they are mostly lies. Because you fabricate your own reality.

    Like I said, either toe the line, support what you say, or find another chump to enlighten with all the false things you like to say. One lie after another that I believe you entirely, wholeheartedly, totally believe as your truth.

    • Dan Tyree

      So go ahead and remain a brain washed dumbass. I speak the truth and you can’t stand it. So go ahead and believe the bullshit and leave the truth to us real patriots Your crowd started the resistance with Trump. We will show commiecrats what resistance is.

    • Dan Tyree

      I know that my comments are true. But I’ve read some really big lies from you and your troll buddies. And unless you’re hiding in a basement like retard joe there’s no way that you couldn’t miss the news stories that put you morons to shame. You idiots remind me of the stories about Tokyo rose with her propaganda. Same difference.

  21. frank stetson

    And yet you still have not supported what you said.

    But like I said, just one post ago: “bring on the name calling, the allegations, the accusations, the lies. We see you now, we know what you are.”

    And then the threats. “the resistance.”

    And a one and a two and a….(think reggae)

    “Well, the oppressors are trying to keep me down
    Trying to drive me underground
    And they think that they have got the battle won
    I say forgive them Lord, they know not what they’ve done

    ‘Cause, as sure as the sun will shine
    I’m gonna get my share now, what’s mine
    And then the harder they come
    The harder they fall, one and all
    Ooh, the harder they come
    Harder they fall, one and all

    And I keep on fighting for the things I want
    Though I know that when you’re dead you can’t
    But I’d rather be a free man in my grave
    Than living as a puppet or a slave”

    thank you Mr. Cliff.

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