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A Simple Guide to Find Freedom Online

A Simple Guide to Find Freedom Online

This will be simple, straightforward and directly to the point. Here’s a few steps you can take as an individual to find your personal freedom online again and to get around the modern day information suppression and censorship of truths and opinions shared. 

Social media: instead of Facebook or Twitter, try using Gettr, Parler or MeWe.

Video streaming: instead of Youtube, try using Rumble.

News apps: instead of CNN or Fox News, try using The Epoch Times, Christian Broadcast News (CBN), One America News (OAN) or Newsmax. 

News headlines: instead of The Drudge Report, try using The Populist Press. 

Web browsing: instead of Google, try using Brave or Microsoft Edge. 

Email: instead of Gmail or Yahoo, try using ProtonMail. 

Personally, I still use Google, Gmail, Instagram and Youtube. I still look at Fox News and The Drudge Report, but it is important to know that alternatives do exist. You have the choice of what platforms to utilize. Options are available right now, and with everything going on at the moment, it is best to surf around the web to discover what works best for you. Here’s to keeping a free and open internet, with healthy competition in a world of continued growth for free market capitalism. 

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About The Author

Jacob Machine

A human who works like a machine for the future of nature, technology and the freedom to dream. As a Constitutionalist turned Republican over the years from being a former Democrat, Jacob shares a wide range of viewpoints that is impossible to place into any box of modern thought. With a deep passion for creativity and a love for the foundational values of the United States, Jacob's vision here is to inspire a world of free market capitalism across the globe where humanity can be free to think and produce as they see fit. For the individual, for our families and for God. Jacob Machine currently has 5 albums of self produced music, 3 published books and has directed 2 feature length films. Always working to bring more dreams to reality every single day. His most recent book, Understanding 2020: An American Journal is a day by day analysis and reflection of the events of the year 2020. He started writing the book on January 1st of the year, having no idea or conception of what was to come in the days ahead of the time. An essential read for anyone concerned with the time. His most recent movie, Shirt Happens, is about a suicidal boy who comes home from work to fall asleep. In a dream, different aspects of his personality talk and convince him as to why he shouldn't kill himself and to keep working. The movie is a dark comedy, designed to show how anyone has the capability of learning to laugh at their own pain. Machine music can be found on all streaming platforms as M4CH1N3. Machine movies can be found for free to stream on Youtube. Machine books can be purchased on Amazon as Jacob Machine. His motto: "Don't look up to me. Don't look up to any human. I only desire to inspire all of you to become the best you that you can be. Work to make you true". Discover the future today IG @jacobmachine3


  1. Ben

    Jacob, I tried some of those sites you mentioned, they are all echo chambers of the radical right. They aren’t very tolerant of my views. I’m disappointed.

  2. RedBull

    Fun article Jacob, thanks. What do you think of for internet searches, and the likes of and for news and podcasts?

    I’m an old man and proud father of a young boy who is coming of age in the middle of all of this. One way I help him to make decisions is to look for the seemingly harmless or ‘free’ carrot that is often dangled in front of us by the opposition. I want to call them evil or malevolant but we’ll stick with ‘the enemy’ for argument’s sake. Google looks like it is free as it offers so many things to so many personal and business entities and if you dig a little you realize they’re tracking everything you do and selling the information. So does Facebook and Twitter and, well, most of them.

    So what? It seems harmless enough. But the first thing you do in order to accept the deal is to diminish your principles just that much. Just a tad. Ok, I lose a little privacy to gett all this great stuff. And so does everybody else. Just that little bit here, there, over and over again and pretty soon you don’t even know where you lost your principles or worse you don’t know how to get them back – you, us, we, whatever look out into the world and believe we just can’t live without it. No Facebook! No Twitter, oh no! What, no Google!!! Or how about no Disney, no Coke products, no great deals at Amazon and all that convenience… the list is so long.

    I’ve talked with my boy about disengaging now and becoming present without these things that ask him to compromise his principles, his dignity – and our future when you look at it as a whole. The lesson is a strong one that will bide him his whole life. I hope these words affect those that read them to look at what they’ve compromised for convenience and to act now toward freedom by returning to lives of dignity.

  3. Vernon Kauzlarich

    I delight in, cause I discovered exactly what I used to be looking for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye