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A Royal Coronation: Hillary Clinton

A Royal Coronation: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has all the characteristics of a 16th Century aristocrat.  She believes herself above the law, her actions above reproach, and her position in power a birthright.  Since her first days in politics, Hillary Clinton has been involved in enough corruption to make Nixon blush. 

She began her career of back ally dealing in Arkansas in a questionable real estate scandal.  During her time in the White House, she made it her personal mission to publicly destroy a woman her husband took advantage of rather than looking to the real culprit: a husband and president who has little to no personal restraint.  After her time in the White House, she carpet-bagged her way to the Senate by running in New York (as her home state would have laughed her out of the voting booth) and became a top contender 2008 Democrat candidate for president.  After her loss, she started working for her adversary as Secretary of State.  It is at this point that the “real game begins”. 

She was head of the state department during one of the worst tenures in American history.  Under her watch, we have seen an embassy in Libya attacked and our ambassador there killed and SODOMIZED.  Her response to this?  “What difference at this point, does it make?”  Well, a hell of a lot since her state department also ordered a CIA contingent on the ground to stand down instead of providing assistance.  We have seen Russia expand its territory for the first time since the Cold War.  What happened to that “reset button”?  We have seen the rise of ISIS in the Middle East which not only kills without mercy, persecutes to the point of using pyrotechnics the local Christian population, and which has established slave markets where young women are sold as sexual toys to ISIS soldiers.  But, we must remember, the real “War on Women” is providing 14 forms of contraception instead of 16. 

During all this time, she also made a killing giving speeches at various venues for top-dollar prices (she and her husband).  $25 million have flown to her coffers in the last year alone.  Yet, she is “broke”?  In recent weeks, it has come to light that she signed off on a transfer of ownership to American Uranium reserves (20% mind you) to a Russian company (who is the main supplier of Iran’s nuclear ambition) in exchange for campaign funds.  That alone should have red flags going up like a speech in Lenin Square.  But, she doesn’t have an “R” next to her name, so, to quote her again, “what difference does it make”?

She has since been avoiding media questions while still courting top dollar donors while simultaneously lambasting the money issue in politics.  We have a word for this: hypocrisy.  Does she feel she has no obligation to speak to the American people?  “What difference does it make?” she’s the heir apparent and she knows it.  So how does Clinton always seem to get away with it?  Well, simply put, she’s a Clinton. 

She’s a member of the new aristocracy of America, the politician.  If Hillary were a private citizen she would have been imprisoned by now (at best), but she isn’t, she’s above the law.  She expects to win the Democrat Primary because no one dares challenge the great Hillary.  She also expects to win the election because 1) she has a “D” next to her name and 2) her name is Clinton.  Her actions and behaviors are that of an aloof noble who follows a different set of rules.  The poll numbers only seem to prove her right.  No matter what she does, she is favored by the vast majority of Democrats and is winning most theoretical polls against Republicans.  She has the air of an heir apparent just awaiting her predecessor’s removal so she can take her rightful place.  How has America come to this?  How can Americans be so apathetic to her obvious nefarious behavior?  How can people continue to support arguably the most corrupt person in politics today?  The answer again is both obvious and saddening.  She is Clinton, and it is her birthright.

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