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A Quarter of Black Voters Prefer Trump over Hillary

A Quarter of Black Voters Prefer Trump over Hillary

For all the complaints that Donald Trump is pushing minorities away, it seems the opposite is true. According to a recent SurveyUSA poll, a quarter of black voters prefer Trump to Hillary Clinton. 

You know things are bad when your supporters leave you for a candidate from the opposing party! 

Trump received a pleasant surprise last Friday when SurveyUSA announced that a recent polls shows Trump with 25 percent of the black vote and 31 percent of the Hispanic vote. The poll, which pitted Trump directly against Hillary, showed Trump in the lead with 45 percent to Hillary’s 40 percent. Taking a closer look at the results shows that a quarter of black respondents picked Trump. 

This amount of support from the black community for a Republican candidate is unprecedented. Examining the last 10 presidential elections shows that 12 percent was the highest black vote share ever earned by a Republican (Bob Dole, 1996). Trump could potentially score more than double that number. 

Black votes make up about 22 percent of the Democratic vote. If a quarter of those voters turned to Trump, the Democrats would surely lose Ohio, Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina. 

And Donald Trump would win the election by a landslide. 


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