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A Jewish Perspective: Will We Finally Stop Calling Trump a Nazi?

A Jewish Perspective: Will We Finally Stop Calling Trump a Nazi?

In the wake of the massacre of 11 Jewish temple congregants in their place of worship, America has been snapped back to the reality of what true antisemitism looks like.

Or at least it should have.

For while Americans apparently can agree that Nazis murdering Jews is bad, that’s incredibly sadly about the end of it; as drones who appear to genuinely be unable to parcel any aspect of existence from partisan dogma, flock to craft any attack they can from the corpses of the victims to denounce ‘the other team’.

Predictably, the main leftist narrative has manifested into ‘Trump caused this.’ But while that narrative could be foreseen, the sheer audacity and blatant disrespect of the affair could not.

The BBC reports,

about 2,000 demonstrators who held a protest, according to Reuters news agency.

As the president was driven through Pittsburgh, some bystanders made obscene gestures to his motorcade and thumbs-down gestures, reports AP news agency.

As Mr. Trump arrived at the synagogue, demonstrators chanted “President Hate, leave our state” and “Words have meaning.”

They held signs with such slogans as “We build bridges, not walls”; “Trump, Renounce White Nationalism Now”; and “Trump’s lies kill.”

During the presidential visit, one protester holding a baby was seen by reporters calling out: “We didn’t invite you here.”


While President Trump and his Jewish daughter and family- as well as his Jewish treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin –  paid their respects to shrines to the fallen protests could be heard in the background. For while the shooter, now released from the hospital and held by US marshals, was vocally anti-Trump for this exact unusual Presidential relation to Jews, those who dislike him have seen fit to blame his ‘fiery rhetoric’ for the hate crime.

Ultimately to me, as a Jew, all this reveals to is that those protesting’s only interest in supporting the Jewish community is out of political expediency. If anything, being unable to stifle complaints regarding ‘the bad orange tweet man’ for even a brief moment of rumination and respect to the fallen, epitomizes this underlying set of motivations.

And after all, linking Trump to Nazism… and more focally Hitler, despite the president’s descendants literally destined to Judaism (after all he already has Jewish grandchildren) has been a jaded tactic of his detractors for some time now.

For though most decent people seem to have come to consensus by now that Hitler was not the best of fellows, they’re apparently amicable enough to his memory to believe that their current posh and privileged modern existence under President Trump is even remotely relevant to the hellscape of the absolute depths of human depravity that was the Nazi Regime’s rule over Europe under Adolf Hitler.

Of course, it is this very devaluation of the utter evil that is true anti-Semitic Nazism that lends itself to its proliferation and pulls the ire of society off of true candidates, like the Pittsburg shooter, in favor of pursuing the fulfillment of Godwin’s law.

While there are certainly other Jews who may disagree, for myself as the descendant of those who suffered and were murdered by actual Nazi’s (not Republicans), the progressive dilution of the concept of Nazism to ‘you who I dislike’ is the most dangerous catalyst for allowing it to fester as we forget that it actually means ‘you who engage in the industrial genocide of millions’.

Jews as large seem to realize this. Israeli Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett has strongly defended US President Donald Trump from accusations that he bears any responsibility with word worthy of leaving for final consideration,

“antisemites do not ask if you are a Republican or Democrat. They do not ask if you are Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform.
They only act because of their hatred of Jews.”

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  1. Bruce

    I have never figured out why the Jewish people are hated so much, I am of Irish/ German decent, and have had several friends over the years who were Jewish. I considered them warm and caring. To me they were friends, I really didn’t care what Religion they were.

    • Aja


    • madmemere

      Hatred of Jews started some 2,000 years ago, when they betrayed and crucified our Lord and Savior; He forgave them and so should we, but there are too many among us and around the world who don’t understand any of that. And, so, they have “carried the hate” down through the centuries and islamists “keep stirring the pot”, to keep the story alive and active.
      IMHO, there is also too much jealousy of their successes- – they excel in finance, economics, the sciences and medicine – – BECAUSE “they work hard at whatever task they set out to accomplish” and seek to better the world as well as themselves!
      No, I am not Jewish, but have a lifetime of friends and associates who are.

      • Baylee

        I’m not Jewish either, but have Jewish friends. The Jewish people take care of their families.

      • Yekhil Brodsky

        BTW: Jews didn’t crucified their own son, Yehoshuah / Jesus. The Romans did.

        • Joe

          Yekhil, you are true to the core, it absolutely was done by the Roman Army

  2. Hurley Henson

    Make no mistake about it, the democrat party hates and despises Israel and all Jews. Just watch how they react and the things they say when Hamas and other terrorist groups attack Israel, as they always blame Israel for everything. Their idol Obama did everything he possibly could to destroy Israel and even tried to sway their election to defeat Netanyahu. Obama is a Muslim and hates and despises any mention of Israel and the Jewish community.

    • Nancy

      Good comment!

  3. Vicky Bedwell


  4. John Latham

    No it is not Trump’s fault. The pogroms throughout Europe and Asia before Nazi Germany were not Trump’s fault. The murder or disappearance of the northern ten tribes was not Trump’s fault. Let’s get real.

  5. Coletta Barber

    I may not like Pres. Trump as a man, but the ‘proof is in the pudding,’ as it were. I do not believe in socialism at all and, too am of Jewish background, I approve of the things he has done for the country. I have watched the hate and seen how it has manifested on the side of the democrats and saying this, I am not proud of myself for ever having been one of them. #walkaway is not just for those of color, it is for those of us who see reality and listen to both sides. I almost have to, my heritage has proven I am a person of color, too.

  6. Thomas Harvey

    We as a people must revive the concept that the individual is responsible for his/her actions. Trump, the devil or anyone else does not force the individual to do things. The individual has choices either to do good or ill. If a person blames another for his actions he is either a clild or insane.

  7. Richie

    Trump in NO way is a demon! He supports our alias, unlike Obama who ( it appears) HATES many of them-especially JEWS .

  8. Baylee

    During the early part of the 20th. Century, the KKK [democrats] harassed the Jewish People as well as Catholics. The KKK was organized by the democrats to control the newly freed slaves in the 1860’s. Then they added the Jews & Catholics, early 1900’s. In the middle 1960’s they advanced to fuel the Civil Rights Movement. Refused to sign either of the 1964 or 1965 Civil Rights Acts. Seen where all these dimms. try to give LBJ for these bills but they were JFK’s bills that the Kennedy family forced him to present them into law. I sincerely believe that is why LBJ came up with his Welfare Program.
    Rachel Maddow is one of the biggest liars. She said in the 1920’s there would be planes that would fly over black areas throwing out leaflets saying don’t come vote if you aren’t registered. They weren’t allowed to vote in the 1920’s. This is getting more & more ridiculous by the hour.

    • Jeannette Deschesne

      I have always had great respect and admiration for them, but not the manner in which they showed hatred for President Trump, the only President that accepted them and his own daughter is a Jew and her children as well. Shame on you, if President Trump treated you like Obama did you would have something to act in such a disgraceful manner…Think again….Show some intelligence, and think about everything President is doing for this country and for the Jews… God Bless President Trump.

    • Richard Smith

      I have great respect for most Jews, But I have had Jews stab me in the back that I tried to help.


    GENESUS says that those who bless Israel will be bless. GOD bless AMERICA.

  10. Buddy Sherrill

    To ask the Democrats to be rational or act with intelligence is like telling a pig to not lay in the mud. Those who know and study the Bible can see how they resemble Bible characters that was under the influence of Baal. Thank God Elijah showed them who to serve in a miracle of a sacrifice to God and then took them to Kishon Valley and slaughtered every one of them. That story is not tell us to kill those who are under Baal spell, but to teach us who to avoid, no matter how tempting Satan’s bait is. The sad part is there are many who believe themselves to be Christians and although the warnings are in Gods word they are too lazy to read it for themselves.

  11. Dennis Keppel

    Trump hates Jews? Go to Israel and ask what the Jews think of President Trump. Declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israeli has been a life long dream of the Jews. Donald Trump is the the only President who had the back bone to do it. Donald Trump Showed great respect for the Jewish people with that move and once again showed America to be their greatest Allie. Contrast that to the Media demonizing the Jewish people and blaming them for the unrest in the middle east. Barack Obama shunning Netanyahu on his visit to Washington,WE the People see clearly that once again the Liberal faction of this country just exploit minorities all for political power. They could care less about them.