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A Deranged Nancy Pelosi Say Putin “Has Something” On Donald Trump

A Deranged Nancy Pelosi Say Putin “Has Something” On Donald Trump

Former Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a bizarre theory about why she thinks that President Trump is “afraid” of Vladimir Putin. Speaking to left-wing news outlet MSNBC, the former speaker said that Putin “must have something” on Trump.

During the interview with Jen Psaki on the Biden-Friendly network, Pelosi said, “What does he have on Donald Trump that he has to constantly be catering to Putin?”

Trump, she noted, has even been “encouraging” Putin to invade NATO allies who don’t pay what he thinks is enough for protection.

“What do you think? We’re all wondering this question, Speaker Pelosi, what do you think Putin has on him?” Psaki asked in reply. “I mean, it sure seems like something, as you’ve said a few times, given that he refuses to criticize him, that he seems to be a fanboy of him. Are you worried?”

“First of all, we must be sure that he does not step one foot into the White House. Not as president or not as anything. He has brought disgrace to the White House, to these presidents,” responded Pelosi before eventually getting around to answering Psaki’s query.

Pelosi then called Putin one of “the most evil people in the world” and then took a guess as to why Trump ― usually so full of bluster ― won’t say a word against the Russian leader.

“I don’t know what he has on him, but I think it’s probably financial,” she said. “Or something on the come ― something that he expects to get.”

Pelosi then threw more shade at Trump when she said that President Joe Biden and other leaders have all blamed Putin for the death last week of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. But Trump didn’t mention Putin at all in his own statement on Navalny, instead making it all about himself and attacking the United States as “a failing nation.” However, despite what Pelosi and the rest of her left-wingnuts would like to believe, Trump’s connections to Russia were investigated for years both prior to and after his election as president. Many progressives speculated that Trump might actually be a Russian agent and that his hypothetical acts treason might be motivated by blackmail. In one particularly pernicious example, the allegation in an opposition research report funded by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign suggested that there might be a tape

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  1. Jim wampler

    That stupid bitch has Putin up her ass

  2. Scott Norris

    Yep, Putin has that infamous “PeePee Dossier” he’ll release in full, again. As the average Democrat voter has an attention span akin to a gnat, it will be successfull in cheati….errr reelecting Biden with over 100 million votes this time.


    It’s not just you Jim, but so many stupid fucking assholes with spastic hatred of Pelosi for making Trump a victim of his own greed. A greed so bad he courts Putin and Russia because a greedy crime state spins off the people’s cash to greedy people.

    Either Trump is the yugest victim in the world, Pelosi is onto something, or it’s in between. Ask yourself: Trump is the world’s most powerful guy, one of the richest, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, the great dealmaker, hires only the best and brightest, but Pelosi and the Democrats are taking him down many times, almost all the time. Could be be guilty of some of these things that the court and the juries have found him guilty of? Based on the facts? Perhaps Pelosi is over the top, has no evidence, is pissing in the wind, but are the questions good ones given Trump’s behavior?

    Besides being a real bother, impeaching him rightfully so, twice, why does she deserve such animosity? Can’t the Don defend himself? Maybe he’s just fuckin guilty of sexual abuse, cheating at business, cheating at taxes, stealing from charity and students alike, and soon —- trying to rig the 2020 election in his favor, illegally, and his lawyers knew it.

    On Russia, I have followed Trump since well before the 2016, and have been following his Russian connections since well before the 2016 as well. He has a myriad of connections, but this is Russia, and ultimatley all roads of power lead to Putin. So, if you deal with an oligarach, like Trump has, you are dealing with Putin. Here we go:

    There was plenty of reason to investigate Trump over Russian interference in the 2016 election.

    Russia most certainly interfered in our 2016 election.

    Trump had a long history of many financial entanglements with Russia.

    His “team” had a history of being in bed with Russia, no doubt Trump knew about the goldmine opportunities there.
    His “team” met with Russia over a hundred times BEFORE he was elected, why?

    The investigation did not produce evidence of a crime but did uncover many questions in regards to Russia. Case closed unless new evidence pops up.

    Trump’s long history with Russia includes dubious real estate sales where Trump profits for no reason, rentals to Russian mobsters, much Russian business including trying to broker a hotel deal right up until he took the oath of office, strange banks loans and more.

    He bought a mansion for 41M and sold it to a Russian four years later, no major improvements, for 95M. He rented like the floor beneath him in Trump Towers to a “investment firm” made up of Russian mobsters, some of them of the hit man variety. His loan from Deutsche Bank, the bank that was in bed with Russia and was fined 160M for Russian money laundering, was seen by a number of DB upper management as incredibly favorable if not downright questionable based on Trump finances. Recently they dumped him and now he’s backed by an investment firm, a coupled of sports guys, the rest totally unknown, in South Florida. The rates must be awful. But somehow he got a loan when no bank, not even Deutsche Bank would give him one.

    There has always been plenty of Trump-Russian smoke to spur an investigation of potential Presidential ties. There may not have been indictment evidence but even Muller covers Trump entanglements with Russia in over 200 pages of his report. No smoking gun, but there’s a gun.

    I don’t usually go for conspiracy theory thinking and, for the life of me, cannot figure a “why” to this but for some reason Muller never did a thorough financial investigation of Trump via Russia. Mueller never followed the money. That’s after hiring the best and biggest team of the best-of-the-best to look specifically at that. Andrew Weisman described secret subpoenas dropped on Deutsche Bank, Trump’s White House somehow learns of it, goes postal, and Mueller determines risk too high and backs down to following Manafort’s money leaving Trump off the hook because of the office? Does not make sense, but that’s what Weisman says happened. It may not be a conspiracy, but Mueller really dropped the ball on this in a weird way since he hired so many great people to do the job they never attempted. Waste of our money too.

    Mueller has some archaic notions about the Presidency which confused his investigators and the investigation; this is the most blatant in the financial investigation. Why he did not follow the money is beyond me, especially after constructing the most powerful legal team to do exactly that, and they never did. In all honesty, I would not expect to learn Putin financed Trump’s 2016 run, but I do expect we would find many money ties to Russia, not necessarily Putin himself, but Russia is Putin, and we may have found what Putin has on Donald J. Trump.

    And yes, like Pelosi I wonder not only what Putin has on Trump, but what happened to Mueller that made his crack-financial-team of investigators be superfluous to the investigation? I wonder about both and am glad Pelosi said what she said, out loud. Because a Putin lovin Trump is a lot stranger than a Trump lovin Putin. Putin, who hates all things American, loves Donald J. Trump and that should tell us all we need to kno

    • Tom

      I agree Frank, there is much more to Trump’s financial picture than meets the eye. And lets not forget that he would not disclose his taxes while he was POTUS. Nancy’s comment is really speaking to the unusual behavior of Trump in a world wide very well known case of murderous Putin.

      Everybody is so focused on the power and financial angles. But there is a much more simple angle. Look at Putin, he is always alone, his wife left him years ago. Look at Trump. I have not seen him with his wife since he left the WH. She is estranged to him. This may be a simple matter of “Autocrats in Love”. Trump going down on Putin for future power and financial considerations, as well as a place to escape jail. Any tape like this or digital video would destroy Trump.

    • Jim wampler

      And we hate old nasty pussy and her commies

      • Frank stetson

        Then you hate me. And your “we” friends hate me.

        Live your hate
        Embrace it.
        Nurture it.
        Choke on it.

        Haters gotta hate.
        Shitheads gotta shit
        This shithead’s shit is fucking boring

  4. D

    Nancy Pelosi continues to spew lies about President Trump, in my opinion. When is the FBI and Nancy Pelosi going to be investigated for their part in the events of January 6th. Was it their plan to make sure they could charge him on his way out of office without the ability to return for a 2nd term?

  5. Tom

    What Nancy says is possible, she should know being the queen of covert deals!

    It could be that Trump does not want two dictator problems to handle at once if he wins the WH and is not in jail.

    I also heard a rumor that there is a tape of Trump giving Putin “оральный секс”. The two are said to have gotten into a spat because Trump did not want to swallow but Putin demanded it and said it would be good protein for Trump hair as a supplement to the Propicia he is using. I have not been able to confirm it but it sure seems likely. Has anyone seen Trump’s wife with him lately???

    • frank Stetson

      Ever since EJ Carrol, Melania has been out of the limelight. Can you blame her? Rumor has it they do not share a bedroom, not that unusual, but do share meals.

      Stranger yet, Don’s communist-party member, FIL, lives in a cabana out back. Got to be close to the reading material… the bathrooms…..and everywhere else.

      Note how Don’s kids too have pretty much left the planet.. Don Jr. turns up ocassional to blow the trumpet for Dad, but he has political aspirations, good luck with that.

      And now Lara Trump, wife of Eric the Idiot Trump, is poised to be co-chair of the RNC where she stated she will devert funds to Trump’s defense. Apparently she is some-come-loudly from the Kamala Harris University of Spread Legs for Success Masters Degrees. But in her case, she not only sleeps her way to the top, but gives back to Dad once she gets there. Yech.

      • Tom

        Yes I thought that was interesting how Trump put is family in charge of the RNC. What a case of nepotism!!! But I suppose this is a compliment to his narcissism and being a sociopath.

        What is an FIL???

    • Edward grimes

      You sure post like a true Christian

    • Frank stetson

      Fyi tom: how’s speaker johnson’s house of transparency working for you Tom? Covert, behind the barn, backroom, horse trading, transparent, read the law, don’t read the law, I don’t care. Pelosi got things done, clamped down on the extremists in her party in the house, and kept order. This guy can’t get a yea vote on lunch. At least Pelosi was productive, this guy can fuck up a wet dream.

  6. Charles

    Pelosi tried twice to to impeach Trump. She has Russia and Trump on the brain. She is not to be trusted.

    • frank stetson

      Actually, Charles, Trump was impeached twice, the only US President to hold that unique honor. All Democrats and a few Republicans did the vote. And yes, Peloisi DID vote to impeach Don. Twice. Successfully,

      Trump was not convicted by the Senate. He still stands impeached. Twice.

      But don’t be sad. The SCOTUS decision to hear the ludicrous immunity case basically makes Trump ummune from guilt before the election. The SCOTUS chose to slow the trial so that Americans won’t know the truth about 1.6 and the election BEFORE the next election. They won’t even hear the appeal until end of April. IOW, the SCOTUS is rewarding Trump’s delay tactics with further delay hiding the truth from America until after the 2024 election in the Fall.

      Georgia has always been going slow so thats not in time either.

      How Trump cheated via hush money on the 2020 will be resovled before the election. Trump will lose, given Cohen’s jailtime, the punishment will be the most interesting part. But I don’t think maga-folk will care that Trump hushed up a porn star from doing him bad just before the 2020. No Comey surprise for the Don, but intelligent people will see that he would have probably lost the 2020 if people knew he was shagging a porn star because Melania was too pregnant just before the 2020 vote. Just don’t think Pre-Presidnential sex with porn stars matters to Republicans anymore. Hell, at least we admit Bill is a cad.

      So Trump was impeached. Twice. But he probably will not be impuned by Stormy Daniels. I just hope they detail the sex practices. That would be fun, but I doubt Stormy even takes the stand. He’s already toast via the Cohen trial as unindicted co-conpristor NUMERO UNO, where Cohen did got to jail for his part in the conspiracy.