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A Defiant Chris Christie Calls “BS” on Polls, Says He is Staying in Race

A Defiant Chris Christie Calls “BS” on Polls, Says He is Staying in Race

A defiant Chris Christie says he is staying in the race for the GOP 2024 presidential nominee despite nearly non-existent poll number. The former New Jersey governor, whose only campaign strategy seems to be attacking Donald Trump, said on CBS News’s “Face the Nation”  that he will stay in the race for the White House and that current polling showing that former President Donald Trump would easily win the Republican nomination is merely “shooting in the dark.”

Christie said what really makes this race different is that Trump has “91 counts of an indictment against him. The day before Super Tuesday, he’s going to start a criminal trial, where his former chief of staff and one of the founders of the Freedom Caucus is going to testify that he committed crimes on his watch and was directed to commit crimes by Donald Trump … And that’s why anybody trying to predict this is just shooting in the dark.”

The one-time Trump confidante also pointed out that polls have often proven to be wrong, especially at this stage of a presidential contest.

“I don’t think you know exactly what’s going to happen at all until people vote,” Christie said. “Look, if we listened to all the polling, Hillary Clinton would be in her second term. So I don’t believe that polling is nearly as reliable as it used to be, and I don’t believe that people tell the truth to pollsters.”

Christie added, “And so, at the end of the day, everybody trying to make these decisions now are just wrong.

“In my view, we can’t worry about that kind of stuff. What we need to worry about is the direction this country is going in, and most people don’t agree with it. And if you don’t agree with the direction of the country, why would you vote for either Trump or [President Joe] Biden, who have put us in this direction?”

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  1. Dan tyree

    Christie would be a good choice. Must better than what we have. And much smarter

  2. vinko

    technically he’s not wrong, all on the stage got the clot shot, it could end anytime

    • doug

      On the contrary. Christie would do Demns’ bidding at every turn and thereby isolate and hollow out support for non-woke tenets.

      Christie hates conservatives. Christie hates libertarians. He hates patriots. He likely hates patriots.

      When he was governor, he closed down at least one New Jersey bridge to punish citizens for voting differently than he wanted them to.

      When crises hit his state, Christie could be found in luxurious vacation spots in the South.

      Remember how he deliberately boosted Obama in the closing days of the 2008 or 2012 race and may have provided enough push to get Obama over the line?

      Christie is just a plumper version of Justin Trudeau. He’s in this race to be a spoiler but doesn’t have enough support to make an impact.

      One of my biggest laughs in days followed Christie (AKA Jabba the Hutt) describing Ramaswamy as an “obnoxious blowhard.” Talk about projection on a GRAND scale.

  3. JoeyP

    Well . . . It’s Christie’s MONEY to WASTE – and I’m SURE the PEOPLE will take it. He JUST doesn’t take a HINT.

  4. Jim2

    In my opinion, Christie is just staying in the race so he can continue publicly putting Trump down, and maybe filling his pockets with campaign money, because he figures he probably won’t be able to find another job anywhere.

  5. Darren

    Any person alive can have 91 counts against them!
    You just take a NOTHING reason and turn it into a SOMETHING reason.
    Not saying Christie would be a bad president, but the Dem grinder media
    would destroy him.
    Trump proved as many know, Any person with brains and charisma can run the country.
    The people REALLY IN charged of the country, do not want a president with any power, they
    do NOT want to fix issues as that keeps their pockets lined!
    As big as Christie is, they would eat him alive!

    • frank Stetson

      Any person can have 91 criminal counts against them says Darren. From the DA can indict a ham sandwich school of delusion. No Darren, four indictments, 91 counts is a lot. It’s a big number. And the fact that Trump’s lawyers, indicted in the Georgia Election Fraud case, have already pled guilty, guilty, guilty —– those counts look to stick.

      What I love is Mike Johnson releasing 1.6.2021 tapes with the faces fuzzed out. So much for transparency. Law and Order Johnson explained: “As you know, we have to blur some of the faces of persons who participated in the events of that day because we don’t want them to be retaliated against and be charged by the DOJ.” Yeah, the guy who breaks into the Capitol, takes a dump, then starts defacing the building has an extreme right of privacy….. Later, hypocrite Johnson had his team issue the oops cover: ” “Faces are to be blurred from public viewing room footage to prevent all forms of retaliation against private citizens from any non-governmental actors. The Department of Justice already has access to raw footage from January 6, 2021.” Because so many 1.6.2021 protestors have been attacked by citizens.

      The TRUTH is FBI is still arresting Capitol protestors. As of 11/3, they have another 1,000 id’d that they have yet to pick up.
      These people broke the law. Mike Johnson is protecting people from the due process of law. He is protecting criminals in real time with real actions that don’t have to be done and cost money too. The tapes have been delayed by two weeks worth of effort —- at least.

      Hundreds have been arrested based on online sleuths, like DeepStateSleuths and InsurrectionHunters. These are Republican voters and that’s what Johnson is really doing. Protecting HIS constituency as his law and order.


      Republicans are all law and order until it affects them.

  6. Tom

    Its a free country. Good for him. He may be seriously trying to compete with the other three plus Trump. But he may also be playing the long shot that if one of the other four, especially Haley, win the nomination and general election that he may get AG Garland’s job. And he just might at that!

    • Dan tyree

      If idiots keep voting for democrats it won’t be a free country. It’s already changing. The left are trying to take over everything, especially our kids

      • Tom

        Dan, please take your anti-anxiety meds at the same time and as per directions daily please. Your paranoia is showing big time buddy.

    • frank Stetson

      As someone said, he’s got no where to go. But he’s a leftist, not really, not even moderate.

      Plus, he really believes that Trump almost killed him. It’s personal.

      Chris is fat. He even got banded and is still fat. He was tolerated in NJ but Dems did not support and the bridge was his downfall. Hubris and overzealous staff, but Christie at minimum looked the other way and might have orchestrated. Meeting Obama on the beach was a good thing, and yes, helped Obama too. But NJ was hurting after Sandy, almost got me and I live on a mountain. It was the right thing to do, he’s doing the right thing again, his career is probably toast, so it’s his last hurrah before his career change. He has plenty of friends to work for in NJ, he will be all right.

      And he’s spot on about Trump. SPOT ON.

      • Tom

        I agree Frank. Chris will land with his feet down first and standing tall. Seems like anytime a GOP person wishes to tell the naked truth, the end result is career destruction. I doubt that this will change. I think Chris would make a good candidate for AG. Yes the bridge was his undoing for sure. And it seemed like he might have been involved with some less than honorable people and was not as in control of the event as most are led to believe.

        I also remember a pic of him on a beach chair on a private beach outside of a home that the governor is allowed to use. Blue swim trunks I believe. But the pic seemed to be related to some sort of scandal or at minimum some sort of event where people could not go on the public beaches but he could enjoy a beach because it was a private beach. Do you remember that incident? It caused a bit of a stink for him as I remember? Was it Beach State Park? Did that affect him politically?