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A Bitter and Irrelevant Liz Cheney Calls Trump “the Single Biggest Threat to the US”

A Bitter and Irrelevant Liz Cheney Calls Trump “the Single Biggest Threat to the US”

Disgraced and currently irrelevant former Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney has called President Donald Trump “the single most dangerous threat to the US.”

In a recent interview, when asked about the upcoming 2024 race for the White House, Cheney said that the former president is “the single most dangerous threat” the US faces as he seeks a return to the Oval Office.

“He cannot be the next president because if he is, all of the things that he attempted to do but was stopped from doing by responsible people … he will do,” Cheney – the daughter of former congressman, defense secretary, and vice-president Dick Cheney – said on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday. “There will be no guardrails. And everyone has been left warned.”

Cheney was a long-time moderate Republican and daughter of once-party leader Vice President Dick Cheney, yet her unbridled opposition to Trump cost her a congressional seat she held for six years and the respect of the powerful MAGA wing of the GOP.

Despite Cheney’s fiery and mostly irrelevant comments and an array of legal troubles, Donald Trump maintains substantial polling leads in the race to clinch the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election.

Cheney’s evaluation of Trump as a threat no doubt comes from her conclusions drawn as vice-chair of the House January 6th Committee, where she recommended criminal charges against the former president for his alleged role in the Capitol uprising.

“After January 6 … there can be no question that he will unravel the institutions of our democracy,” Cheney said, alluding to Trump supporters’ desperate but unsuccessful attack to prevent the certification of Biden’s victory over Trump in the 2020 race. “So we are facing a moment in American politics where we have to set aside partisanship, and we have to make sure that people who believe in the constitution are willing to come together to prevent him from ever again setting foot anywhere near the Oval Office.”

The House Capitol attack committee’s recommendation was one of Cheney’s last congressional acts before she was forced out of office in January. She lost her bid to be re-elected to Wyoming’s sole House seat she had held since 2017 after Trump successfully supported Harriet Hageman’s run against her in a Republican primary.

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  1. Joe lucas

    Liz Cheney should lock herself in a closet with a dildo and stfu

    • Walt Austin

      I don’t know were you come from her father was a vice president and all were loved here in Wyoming, until Trump came a round, being a republican for over 60 years there has not been any president worst that Trump .I respect your opinion 101St Airborne retired

      • sam Houston

        Yes, he ws a good VP but his actions at his end were not those of the man who once was. His advanced brain problems clouded his mind and he took too much advise from his Democratic Left Wing “firends” who used him. Tell me what Trump has been found guilt of so far, not any accusations. I could accuse you of jumping over the moon but its not true so its a lie for my benefit which I see most of these false accusations are today. Political skullduggery.

        • frank stetson

          Sam: Trump is found liable of sexual abuse of the digital rape variety. And defamation of the poor woman. This is adjudicated, Trump is a sexual abuser.

          His business, including Eric, Ivanka, and D. Jr, and himself has been ruled liable from the bench at Trump’s request, that Trump has consistently defrauded banks and the State and no trial is needed to prove that. His license to do business in NY has basically been revoked. There is the current trial to determine how much of the $250M prosecutors want as punishment will be paid, but Trump will have to put much into receivership and will never do business in NY again. IE — it’s over, he’s a fraud, and just determining the bucks now. This one is adjudicated, Trump is liable. He defrauded according to the court. The dollar amount is in the current trial. The Trump family is testifying this week. It will be wild.

          In Georgia, four of his co-conspirators have pled guilty, three are Trump lawyers. These pleas lead to in-the-room testimony against Trump, Eastman, Meadows, and others. These are criminal charges and all signs point to Trump being toast. He can’t pardon his way out of this one, it’s the biggest jail risk.

          DC and FL ongoing. Motions flying. March 24 for DC, May for FL.

          Now in past history, Trump defrauded his Trump University customers, paid $25M to 5,000 students. His business was convicted on 17 criminal charges in 2022. His CFO is in jail. He paid out $2M for ripping out his own charity foundation. It was shutdown.

          There’s much more including housing discrimination fines, breach of contract rulings, hush money payoffs, and more —– but he buys his way out most often.

          But since President, liable for sexual abuse, digital rape, and business fraud with what looks like a dead banger criminal conviction given his three lawyers already gave up the ghost and can implicate him as part of their plea deals. Just listen to them, it’s on video, as they accuse him just like the 1.6.2021 convicted accuse him.

  2. Frank stetson

    BS on BS again. She’s a heroine to half the nation who listen well to her words on this.

    Not quite totally disgraced BS. That’s just BS BS.

  3. craig

    The lady is beyond stupid.

    As far as “…Liz Cheney has called President Donald Trump “the single most dangerous threat to the US.”” …projection, very visible in people like her, is so revealing.

    I think she has some mental disorder.

  4. Tony L Bell

    Cheney is correct about the threat, however, the threat is to her and her ilk’s agenda, globalism, the NWO.
    You are exposed Liz, Americans see the evil in you.

  5. Den

    Think she might think her daddy will be at risk if those of the past are exposed for their deeds?

  6. Frank stetson

    Wow. Tony, that’s just evil to think Liz is evil.

    Turns out, it looks like she was right. We have four guilty so far, each expressing remorse over there, attempts to rig the election because they believed in the big line.

    Liz is a hero. She stood up when others to down. She stood fast when others buckled. She paid the price as you tossed her to the curb for doing exactly what you said you cherish: the Constitution.

    History has already proven her right, and soon it will prove it again. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Tom

      Excellent response Frank. I saw nothing in Liz’s comments that was bitter. What I saw was truth given as a warning of what is coming. I admired the way she stood fast for our constitution and rule of law. I would vote for her in a heartbeat! And she has not discounted a run for POTUS. I would pick her over Haley or DeSantis. I honestly cannot think of anything scarier than Trump for a second term. Almost as scary would be Kamala finishing Joe’s term for three years. But at least there we might learn “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round” song again. Maybe if we all, Dems, Repubs, Independents got together and sang this song together all of our differences and troubles would go away!

      • stopspending

        No need to “guess” about what results Trump would get. We already had 4 yrs of economic, world peace, low energy costs, lower carbon emissions, etc. Guess Chaney and others like you are happy to support the industrial weapons complex because it makes the elite $$$$$. So sad that you would not only ignore the past but not learn from it. Scary the state of the US NOW and yet people will vote for the same failing policies.

    • stopspending

      The TDS members, like Chaney, always shout about the evils of Trump but NEVER explain HOW. It is the left that wants to remove the electoral college, remove voter ID, allow illegals to vote, support the terrorists including blm/hamas supporters/defund the police/etc. Trump did NOT cause a way (Biden and the rhinos like Chaney have started TWO maybe WWIII), inflation was down, wages were up, economy was booming. Those that have pled in the Atlanta J6 case realize the power of the DOJ/FBI/etc and will plead to minor offenses rather than try to take on the unlimited power of the gov. NOWHERE was there an attempt to destroy the constitution. Remember, Al Gore/et al, did the same things the Trump team did to investigate the election yet they were praised. Hillary STILL says the election she lost was stolen. Stacey Abrams STILL claims her election was stolen. Keep up your ranting because no one care what CHaney says.

      • Joe lucas

        You see what happens when the courts are too chicken shit to stop voter fraud? Next time we the people will hold the bastards accountable

    • Americafirst

      Here we go again. Dick Cheney was executed at Gitmo 1/29/22 by hanging for treason. Liz Cheney was executed at Gitmo Monday, 4/24/23 for treason. When she was taken from her house, she was a spitfire and had to be sedated to go to Gitmo. She was executed for treason. I know you won’t believe this, but the truth is on Gitmo Tribunals Tv. Neither of them were Patriots. They both were traitors. Please, once and for all, get your information correct or you could be labeled a traitor. WE are sick of your lies!

      • Frank stetson

        4/24/2023 was a friday…..

        Just saying.

        Of course, if you didn’t know that, what else don’t you know. 😄

        • Americafirst

          Gitmo has executions any day of the week. Go get a brain from the five and dime! It’ll be better than what you now have! I speak the absolute truth all the time and can back up anything and everything I say. You haven’t proved credible because you are self-centered. You hate everyone that does not agree with you. You slam anyone that does not agree with YOU. You are getting famous for that. Shows what a low life you show to all of us! Regardless of the date 0f 4/24/23, there is a video from Gitmo all about the hanging of your lover, Cheney! (You deserved that). I bet you didn’t look up the Gitmo trials, did you? You didn’t because you want to show everyone else reading this that I am wrong just to prove you are right (NOT). That’s what you do for this site. Do you get paid for your rhetoric? I’m beginning to think so. You definitely have an ego problem.

          • Frank stetson

            It was just a date and we will not be dating again. HAGWE.

  7. JoeyP

    Maybe she needs to book a flight with Nancy Pelosi out of WASHINGTON on NANCY’s broom. They’re BOTH irrelevant.

    • Tom

      If Liz is irrelevant why is she getting the news coverage and attention which you are not? Seems like you are a bit irrelevant Joey!

      • Frank stetson

        Before Trump, I had wanted Pelosi gone as part of the old guard with old ideas needing to make way for the next generation. Post Trump, she stands as one of the few people that he was afraid of. He was out matched.

        She ruled by the old school skills and one way you could tell is when the squad came into power in Congress, they mouth off, and then magically became mostly quiet. Hear a peep, there a peep, but mostly quiet. That was Nancy, operating behind the scenes, the same way that when she called to vote, it was over. No four attempts, no 15 attempts, one vote and over.

        Meanwhile, we enter your four of the chaos convention. We are Trumplicants now have taken over the house. At this point, they can beat their chest, have their fox moments, have their inquiries, but since they cannot work across the aisle, they are useless. More important, they don’t even know that, they don’t have a clue. Most of them, like the speaker, are just looking for their next job in media.

        The real question is whether Trumplicants will wake up and realize they were lied to by a crook an autocrat. And then, true Republicans, like Liz, Cheney can retake the party. Liz herself will probably never be back, but hopefully the things that she stood for will return.

        Right now, we are still in the time of denial, this will be followed by anger, and then, hopefully acceptance of the truth. Trump and his cohorts broke the law, and tried to rig the election. Trump, the businessman, cheated his way to fame and fortune. And as Horist might say, as a personality, his moral standing is not of a high rating. But will always have “you can grab them by the pussy.“

        The next election looks to be a clustefrack.

        • Alej Marcos

          You are a disgusting example of what sickness runs through modern American “culture.”

          • Frank stetson

            Alej: don’t sugarcoat it, tell us what you really think? 👍

      • Dan tyree

        She only gets news coverage from commiecrat news networks.

      • Q

        You’re dumb Tom, how about that?!!

    • NANCY J


  8. Charles

    The threat to America is Democrats who want to turn it into a 3rd world country and RINOs like Liz who want to be accomplices.

  9. Frank stetson

    Dan: the US communist party has 10,000 members. The democratic socialist party of America has around 100,000 members.

    What exactly do you mean by the commie crap. Can you point to an actual programmer policy that expresses the vent in your spleen? Or is it just a funny name?

    • Dan tyree

      Actually socialism and communism are hand in hand. Too much socialism leads to communism. That’s how it got started and grew in Europe. But of course you don’t believe that. The evidence is the rhetoric of the left that the government should run as much of our lives as possible. And we’re having none of it. I know you will spout off about abortion ect. but that’s a different argument. I like Niki Haily’s response to that during the last debate. Like finding common ground

  10. Frank stetson

    Ah, frightened by rhetoric. Ain’t free speech grand.

    Sorry Dude, was looking for actions, programs, or policies and not history or words.

    And much of socialist europe, historically, did not turn communist. Matter of fact, more added capitalism to their economies and governments. And many communist countries are no longer communist.

    Point is, socialism and capitalism coexist in America and I really doubt they will lead to communism. There is mo proof in that.

    I do not support the Democratic Socialists and enjoy the pushback you all present to socialist programs. That persuaded Clinton to pushback on welfare for example and the sky did not fall.

    But screaming Dems are communists is just meaningless self-serving name calling of little relevance and even less merit. Socialists would be more appropriate.

    So where do you stand on 2nd amendment mandatory lockdowns and business closures like in Maine? It’s not the gun’s fault, why does the area need to be locked down? I mean this is far less dangerous than covid, why the lock down?

    Jack McCoy law n order: “life is a funny duck.”

    • Dan tyree

      Yes socialism and capitalism can coexist as long as they find common ground. But today’s democrat party is so far to the left they are dangerous. And as for Europe, I was referring to the former Soviet bloc countries. And yes, communism is still alive and well in the world today. And a portion of it is in America. Among members of congress to be clear. Certain socialist programs are needed but we must be careful and have those who can be self sufficient and not live off the government

  11. donRS

    Disgraced, Bitter, and IRRELEVANT – so why waste the electrons to post her IGNORANT THOUGHTS. How sad it is that several responses praise this STUPID woman after her MISERABLE performance, leading the FAKE Jan 6 committee! After committing political suicide, put her to rest!

  12. Mike f

    There are two people whose responses to this idiotic post show any degree of intelligence-the rest of you bury your heads in the sand and worship a crook who wanted to make himself President for life. Biden has achieved far more economic growth (almost 5% this quarter), restored a lot of friendships with allies that were breaking down in the trump regime. Everybody other than Frank and Tom needs to do some serious soul searching and figure out why you want to support a crook (both in business and in the presidency) instead of a Republican (who is not moderate despite sheridan’s words) who dares to speak the truth about your idol…

  13. Frank stetson

    Mike F: I am a big believer that Americans select the right president for the time, almost every time. Jimmy Carter may have been a bad president, but he told the truth and that’s what we needed. Ron Reagan may have begun our debt cycle once again after 35 years of savings after WWII, but he put America together again and made us feel good about being Americans.

    I could not understand Trump and America’s selection of him. But perhaps it was to unleash all that was bubbling beneath the surface. And bubble they did. Right on to the halls of Congress taking craps and trying to destroy the place and bring it down. But we are still here.

    Calling them stupid, and other names is not productive. They are Americans. They also are in the process of becoming illuminated to the man they elected, his crimes, his personality, and how they were lied to. it’s going to take time.

    Along with those who have been frustrated about not being able to live the American dream for so long, Trump also unleashed the snakes from under the rocks. All of us together will have to put them back. As I have said, from the beginning, all Republicans are not racist, but most racists are Republicans. We need to shove them back under the rocks where they belong.

    Right now, we are still at a pivotal point. The republican party has become the Trumplicant party. It now holds power all the way to the house. Republicans must realize what has happened and take back their party. No, not rhinos, but Republicans. Conservatives. Hoirsts. Together, we can all build a better America, a stronger America, smarter America. And in the words of the prophet: “we won’t be fooled again.“

    Now that’s a rant! Can you see that flag 🇺🇸 wave.

    • Dan tyree

      You was preaching a good sermon until you threw in a damned lie. Most racists are republicans? Seriously?? Ok here’s your favorite line. Prove it!!!!! And don’t bother quoting Al sharpton or any race baiters that preaches don’t trust smites.

      • Dan tyree

        Meant to say whitey.

      • frank stetson

        tried to post twice on this Dan, seemingly it won’t stick….

    • Mike f

      Frank-While it may not make ‘friends’ to call these people stupid, I merely do that because they are ignorant. When anybody can believe that Donald trump became president because it was ‘God’s will’, that is ignorant. When someone believes that someone who grabs women by the pussy, cheats in his business, lies about virtually everything, removes classified documents from the WH and then lies to avoid returning them to the government should be President of the US, that is stupid. The world laughed at us for having a buffoon in the WH, and the bottom line is we have more stupid people in this country than most parts of the world. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are both very intelligent people, and while I don’t agree with their politics, I believe it would be possible to have an intelligent conversation with them. Not so with Dan, Dan, Charles,, Alej, Q, Nancy, Craig, Tony and all the others who responded to this post. Their opinions are based strictly on emotional feelings that have little basis in fact…(and yes, I believe that passing judgment one way or another in a matter as important as running the government on emotions rather than facts is stupid)

  14. MSGLeo

    Wow, Cheney is afraid that when Trump gets back in office, he will lower taxes, raise wages, and reduce inflation. That would really be a nightmare wouldn’t it?

  15. frank stetson

    Two out of three ain’t bad until you consider the cost. Trump is a borrower who has made a career out of not paying it back. Does not work that way for sovereign nations folks. He gave you a free ride, and now we pay and pay and…..

    Some facts:

    “The statistics for the entirety of Donald Trump’s time in office are nearly all compiled. As we did for his predecessor four years ago, we present a final look at the numbers.

    The economy lost 2.9 million jobs. The unemployment rate increased by 1.6 percentage points to 6.3%.
    Paychecks grew faster than inflation. Average weekly earnings for all workers were up 8.7% after inflation.
    After-tax corporate profits went up, and the stock market set new records. The S&P 500 index rose 67.8%.
    The international trade deficit Trump promised to reduce went up. The U.S. trade deficit in goods and services in 2020 was the highest since 2008 and increased 40.5% from 2016.
    The number of people lacking health insurance rose by 3 million.
    The federal debt held by the public went up, from $14.4 trillion to $21.6 trillion.
    Home prices rose 27.5%, and the homeownership rate increased 2.1 percentage points to 65.8%.
    Illegal immigration increased. Apprehensions at the Southwest border rose 14.7% last year compared with 2016.
    Coal production declined 26.5%, and coal-mining jobs dropped by 16.7%. Carbon emissions from energy consumption dropped 11.5%.
    Handgun production rose 12.5% last year compared with 2016, setting a new record.
    The murder rate last year rose to the highest level since 1997.
    Trump filled one-third of the Supreme Court, nearly 30% of the appellate court seats and a quarter of District Court seats.”


    They left out the big one causing much pain today: Trump had the lowest GDP growth of any President since Hoover. Think about that, lower than Obama in The Great Recession. Lower than Bush after 9/11. And so on and so on. Jimmy Carter laughs at these results. But he borrowed and borrowed and slashed taxes to put a few coins in your pocket. He can’t do that again without collapse the next time around. He owns 30% of the debt —- you can’t be fooled again, can you?