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76-Year-Old Nun Foils Theft in Buffalo

76-Year-Old Nun Foils Theft in Buffalo

Two thugs planned a theft at a Christian center in New York but had to run away when an aging nun intervened and taught them a lesson: Thou shalt not steal.

On January 14, 76-year-old Sister Mary Johnice Rzadkiewicz, director of the Response to Love Center in Buffalo, had just completed a round of prayer when she heard some disturbance outside. She came downstairs and opened the building’s door to take a look outside. She saw a ladder rested against the building to get to the roof and realized a thief had got up there to steal copper pipes.

Sister Rzadkiewicz knew what to do without wasting a moment. She yanked the ladder off the building and let it fall to the ground. This left the thief stranded on the roof. Realizing that he has no other means to get down, the thief jumped down and ran away, but Sister Rzadkiewicz gave him a piece of her mind while standing in her doorway.

Inside Edition aired the video footage of the incident and also interviewed the aging nun who is strong in her faith and passion to be the voice of God. 

While she busted the thugs attempting a crime at her center, Sister Rzadkiewicz had no negative or hostile words or intentions against the thieves. Instead, she prayed that the two stayed safe. She told media:

“They could have come here for food or clothing. They could have come for a kind word, some guidance, but they chose a different route. That is not of God; that is evil. I just wish I could meet them.”

Sister Rzadkiewicz says she is keeping the ladder she brought down to the ground with some kind of divine strength that almost instantly filled her hands to stop the thief from stealing. She also told that her center doesn’t have copper pipes: 

“Years ago vandals stole the copper downspouts, so now the replacements are aluminum.”

As a servant of God, Sister Mary Johnice Rzadkiewicz has been active in helping the community in East Buffalo where she grew up. In May last year, she participated in a community event to emphasize love and brotherhood among the people after the shooting on Jefferson Ave where more than a dozen people were shot, 10 of them ending up dead. She offered prayers and a message of peace.

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