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7.1 Million Since Thursday – Trump Uses Fake Indictments to Boost Campaign Funds

7.1 Million Since Thursday – Trump Uses Fake Indictments to Boost Campaign Funds

Despite facing multiple indictments, former President Donald Trump’s campaign is thriving. The recent challenges seem to be working to Trump’s benefit. Here’s how.

In just three weeks, Trump’s campaign has raised a whopping $20 million. This substantial sum was reported shortly after Trump faced indictment in federal and state cases concerning his assertions that the 2020 election was taken from him. This reveals a trend: even in adversity, Trump’s supporters rally behind him.

In an even more dramatic twist, after having his mug shot taken last Thursday in relation to a fraud case in Atlanta, Trump’s campaign quickly added $7.1 million to its coffers. Steven Cheung, Trump’s spokesman, conveyed this on X, the platform that took over Twitter. In fact, the very next day saw the campaign’s most profitable day to date, with a grand total of $4.18 million.

This mug shot has stirred the public. The image, portraying Trump in a red tie with shimmering hair and a defiant look, has been converted into various merchandise. This includes T-shirts, mugs, and even bobblehead dolls. Both admirers and critics are rushing to buy these items, further inflating the campaign’s revenues.

These events revolve around the accusations against Trump concerning the 2020 election, among other things. He currently faces four indictments, two of which address his claims about the election and the incident at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Despite these indictments and the media buzz, Trump remains steadfast in his denial of all charges.

Trump’s campaign told Fox News, “Organic money has skyrocketed, especially after President Trump tweeted out the picture along with the website.” Not only are his supporters donating in droves, but they are also fervently buying merchandise. Upon Trump’s arrest, his campaign began to market items adorned with his mug shot, underlined by the powerful words: “NEVER SURRENDER!”

A vocal portion of the public, along with several prominent figures, believes that these indictments are fraudulent, aimed more at damaging Trump’s political reputation than pursuing genuine justice. They argue that the timing and nature of the charges are suspicious, hinting at a larger political agenda. For these supporters, the indictments only strengthen their conviction that Trump faces unwarranted opposition, further solidifying their support for the former president.

Newt Gingrich, the former House Speaker, commented on Trump’s recent surge in polls, suggesting that the public views Trump as prioritizing the country.

All these events illustrate a singular truth. Regardless of personal views on Trump, one can’t deny his unparalleled ability to mobilize his base. Even in the face of adversity, his campaign appears to turn obstacles into opportunities, rallying his supporters and raising impressive funds in the process.

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  1. frank stetson

    What did you expect? I have to believe that Team Trump knows exactly what each indictment will bring in, at least to set a lower limit. It’s like a movie sequel, they know before they shoot the first scene what the second one will earn, and based on that, the third…..

    As I have said, this circus continues until the move dries up and which point Trump will either plead or leave before he drops a cent of his own booty. Probably touch down in Moscow where his dollar goes farther and the legalities disappear.

    And I say, keep on giving, give until it hurts. It’s important that you feel like Cohen and the hundreds of others working for Trump that got thrown under the Trump-mobile. A teachable moment I hope. As Trump blames his lawyers, his lawyer blame Trump, and everyone blames Pence. I wonder how many 1.6-ers are donating? I pretty much doubt the evil-18 are pitching in, he’s not covering their tab with your money. Just his own. You give to his campaign, he spends it on himself and his legal team (where do you think all those SUVs come from?), you lose the election and declare it’s rigged, we must fight, and start all over. It’s the circle of Trump or levels 4 through 9 of Dante’s inferno circles of Hell.

    Level 4 — Greed kicks it off
    Level 5 -7 for Anger, Heresy, and Violence.
    Level 8 for Fraud
    capped off by today’s Level 9 – Treachery as the rats try to jump a sinking ship.

    Circles of Hell or circles of Trump, you be the judge.

    There’s an old Spanish organ grinders lament: mono hace bailar al mono which means “money makes the monkey dance.”

    Dance, monkey, dance. Because when the money dries up, the circus will be leaving town that night.

  2. andy

    I’m amazed at how Trump’s supporters are willing to pay his legal expenses. Trump is a $billionaire, why would he need his supporters to pay his legal fees? Yet they do, over and over and over. How gullible can you get?

    I wonder how many bridges they have purchased over the years…..

    • Mike f

      Andy-The question you pose is very easy to answer-people that support a crook to be their president are complete idiots. They love to hear what they want to hear, and ignore any information that runs contrary to what they want to hear. Trump says what they want to hear, but they are too stupid to understand that he is lying to them and has done absolutely nothing to benefit them. Sad, but true….

      • Dan tyree

        Mike f as in fag go ahead support your retard. This bullshit is election interference

        • frank stetson

          fag? retard? What are you, trapped in the 1950? Where’s Andy, where’s Opie? Can’t you at least be inventive, like “Hey Dan, you Squibodian Tiffwa.”

          “This bullshit is election interference?” Don’t you need an actual election to interfere with? How can you prove harm even if there IS harm? This is like Trump pre-announcing a rigged election before the election. Like 2016 and 2020. Guess he learned that trick from America’s Mayor.