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6 Miles of Terror Tunnels are Being Built Under Israel Every Month

6 Miles of Terror Tunnels are Being Built Under Israel Every Month

It’s been more than a few years since the 2012 ceasefire agreement, that Clinton had previously proudly stated as an accomplishment when she was the secretary of state. But, the fighting between Israel and Hamas has gradually gotten worst since 2014.

Hamas has been digging more than 6 miles of tunnels a month leading to Israel to make it easier to commit attacks.

As the tunnel building has increased, politicians have been debating that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu didn’t handle the threat properly when it first became a problem prior to the 2014 war in Gaza.

“We have no perfect solution” said the officials about the terror tunnels, according to Israel’s Channel 2 “and neither does any other country.” 

Apparently, 1,000 Hamas operatives have been working on the tunnels.

During the war in Gaza (which lasted 50 days,) more than 34 tunnels were discovered and destroyed by the Israel Defense Forces. Following the war, the country invested in over NIS 1 billion ($250 million) to develop a tunnel detection system. 

Unfortunately, these systems don’t seem to be so successful since the Hamas terrorists have continued to use and build the tunnels to infiltrate Israel. In April and May, Israel found two more attack tunnels and had them destroyed.  

Again, Netanyahu is getting a lot of heat for this crisis.

“Every platoon leader draws conclusions at the end of an exercise in order to prevent future mistakes and to improve,” wrote Naftali Bennett, education minister and the Jewish home chief on Twitter. “What is true for an infantry division is doubly true for the diplomatic-security leadership of the State of Israel.” 

Some including an unnamed Likud official have defended Netanyahu saying Bennet’s comments are a “total lie.”

Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by the US, but it’s a major political party of Gaza, specifically its counterpart Fatah is the leader of the Palestinian Authority. Hamas differs from ISIS because it is an elected government and that it has allies, including governments in Qatar, Iran and Turkey. So this group is not only a major threat to just Israel.

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