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28-Year-Old Illegal Poses As Teen to Attend Texas High School

28-Year-Old Illegal Poses As Teen to Attend Texas High School

Police in Texas have arrested a 28-year-old illegal immigrant who allegedly posed as a teenager to attend high school for an entire year!

According to reports, last month, school administrators at Hahnville High School received a tip that a woman in her mid-20s was attending the school by posing as a 17-year-old teenager. The school began an investigation and notified the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office on May 29. 

The investigation led police to arrest 28-year-old Martha Jessenia Gutierrez-Serrano and her mother, 46-year-old Marta Elizeth Serrano-Alvarado. Police allege Serrano-Alvarado successfully enrolled her adult daughter in the school “using a fraudulent passport and birth certificate” from Honduras.

While it’s not clear how school officials were tipped off, police said that Gutierrez-Serrano attended Hahnville High School as a freshman for the entirety of the 2022-2023 school year.

“Gutierrez-Serrano was not involved in any extracurricular activities, and we are not aware of any disciplinary issues while attending school. She utilized school transportation to and from school. There is no current evidence of any other criminal activity or inappropriate conduct by either Serrano-Alvarado or Gutierrez-Serrano,” police explained in a statement.

St. Charles Parish Sheriff Greg Champagne told the local press that he believed Gutierrez-Serrano attended the school because she “wanted to learn English. She wanted to become proficient in the English language.”

While it doesn’t seem that Gutierrez-Serrano was attending the school disguised as a teen for any inappropriate or nefarious purpose, her actions are disturbing nonetheless.

Regarding the immigration status of the women, Champagne explained at the press conference that Serrano-Alvarado was living in the U.S. on an expired visa, while Gutierrez-Serrano entered the U.S. through New Mexico in 2021. She was released by immigration authorities after processing, which is a routine procedure for immigrants who claim asylum.

Champagne said he saw the photo that immigration authorities snapped of Gutierrez-Serrano before releasing her, observing that she could “very easily be taken for a young teenager — without a doubt.”

Police charged both women with one count of injuring public records. They were released from jail on bond.

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  1. Glenn Nunya

    The whole concept of rewarding Illegal Immigration in ANY manner ticks me off. That said, I think public officials have bigger fish to fry than a Mom and her daughter going to High School. Illegals are already ON the taxpayer dime, so I can’t really see what it hurts to let the Mom and daughter try to better themselves.

    Taken in LEGALLY through LEGAL channels, that’s exactly the sort of people the U.S. desperately needs.

    Let’s see officials find some of the terrorists and Chinese subterfuge operators that this current Criminal Biden administration has let in!

  2. Robin W Boyd

    While I cannot deny that this person seems to have only been trying to better her life, she still went about it illegally. It is a shame it is so difficult for immigrants to be able to become citizens of the U.S. legally, but doing so illegally is just not safe for them or for American citizens. Those immigrating to the U.S. must be able to at least take care of themselves while working toward bettering the U.S.

  3. Deborah H Taylor

    I believe this is happening more than we know. My son works at a high school in a rural area with several large farms. The school has young adults coming in frequently to be admitted with no documentation and are rerquired to accept them. In his opinion, these are young men in their 20’s, well above high school age. His school has been forced to hire more teachers and aides to help these people learn English and also teach them how to live in our world. They have no legitimate ID, no innoculation records or birth certificate. Yet, as citizens our children are not allowed to enroll in school without these documents. So these illegal immigrants are being given rights that we as citizens are not. Great job, President Biden.

    • frank stetson

      Deborah, All students are to be treated equally so citizens have the same capabilities NOT to show documentation as immigrants.

      HOWEVER, it’s up to the State to ask for documentation. IF they don’t, anything goes. IF they do, then applicants can just say no and there’s not much to be done, whether a citizen or not, they are in.

      HOWEVER, I am pretty sure that IF you ask for documents, most illegals will skip school and not just say no to documentation. And if they do say NO.

      This is a fucked up law. I can see wanting to educate all students and therefore you don’t want to defer due to immigration status: that is our law. BUT — overage students just scamming some free English lessons. Non vaccinated students putting everyone at risk. The first is just money, the second is danger to health.

      This can of worms only gets fixed from the inside. Congress needs to clean up immigration, but not just make the border secure, but solve the dreamer, asylum, and repatriation processes.

      – close the border
      = obviously “walls” of some kind but more importantly take the major reason for coming away: work
      = fix all loopholes and establish e-verify as the law for all businesses, make it super ez and cheap for small business
      = fix asylum, speed up process to allow rightful(s) to proceed or deport unworthy ASAP. Puts yearly caps on, by country, and reject all after meeting yearly caps
      – pathway(s) to citizenship for those here for years, get em in or boot em out
      = establish family reuniting program, this is the second reason for coming — we need a process, not an open door
      – Broader, faster, access for immigrants with special skills needed to help American innovation
      = everything from high tech to migrant farming — let’s get the workers we need in here, fast

      Bottom line: three things
      1. close the border for anyone seeking work, create process for family unification
      2. close the loop on those already here — in, out, or in process
      3. streamline asylum process to deport non-complying ASAP and capping applicants by year, by country of origin
      4. get new workers in ASAP for jobs needing them

      This is for Congress to complete, but it’s got to be a full bag. Just closing the border is less than half-a-loaf. We need to close down illegal workers at the job site, we need to complete the process, one way or the other, for those who are here, to put families together and we need workers for specialty jobs ASAP, not at the speed of Congress.

      This is not rocket science; this should not be partisan; this should just be a get-er-done and be done with it. Just putting e-verify in place would solve a vast amount of our issues. Of course, you need to fix any loopholes and other issues first, but if my credit card can verify me…….why not e-verify?