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2024: Trump vs. DeSantis vs. Pompeo

2024: Trump vs. DeSantis vs. Pompeo

I’m stoked!  In the 2024 Presidential elections, we have three likely candidates who are well qualified to take over from a dismal Biden Administration, rebuild America and take us forward. 

Any of these three would be able to deal with Russia, China, Iran and any other threat that comes along. Any of them will protect our children from the Democrat predators who want to groom them for new sexual identities. 

Any of them will protect our gun rights, deal with crime, protect our voting rights, and much more. Any of them will be able to put our country back on track and improve our economy.

But which is the best?

Mike Pompeo – You may have noticed that Mike has been raising his profile a bit (and has slimmed down!). He is displaying loyalty to Trump and likely will not run for President if Trump runs again.

 Pros:  Mike is always the smartest guy in the room. He was trusted by Trump and is responsible for many of Trump’s successful policies.  He is an excellent negotiator and diplomat and knows how to conceive and execute strategic wins.

Mike  is competent far and above anyone else in government.  Anywhere. I’d pit him against Kissinger any day.  The world will be a more peaceful place with a more respected America with Mike Pompeo at the helm.

Cons: Mike hasn’t “sat in the chair” as governor of a state as compared to DeSantis, nor does he have the business experience at Trump’s level.   Mike hasn’t been in the limelight as much as a Presidential candidate should be, he chose to support Trump largely in the background. These are problems of perception, though, I have confidence that Mike would be fantastic (maybe even the best of the three) as President. Getting America onboard will be a challenge.

Ron DeSantis – He is obviously contemplating a run, perhaps even if Trump decides to run as well. I have no doubt he will be President someday. The only question is whether 2024 will be his year.

Pros: Ron is beloved in Florida, he has made bold moves, and each has been the right move in my opinion. He knows how to fix problems, he knows people, he understands issues and goes about solving them intelligently and with common sense. He brooks no bulls&^t.

The State of Florida is massively better off with him. I admired Rick Scott as governor, but I have to say Ron DeSantis is better.  He is an excellent communicator, an excellent campaigner. If he is nominated he will win.

Cons:  While Ron would achieve domestic goals with alacrity, he is a question mark concerning international affairs.  He doesn’t have the depth of experience Pompeo has in complex international issues and doesn’t quite have the peer to peer power-wielding experience that Trump has.

Donald Trump – It looks like Trump is gearing up for another run.

Pros:  When Trump was President, things happened. He tackled the tough problems, he took them head-on and dealt with them.  He met with Kim from North Korea, he went head-on with the Chinese, and he went tit for tat with Iran.  Trump is a man who truly wants America to be great, he has no agenda other than that. He doesn’t play political games except to achieve worthy goals, he says exactly what he thinks (much to the chagrin of many).   

Trump knows how to wield power. He knows how people will react and he knows how to take risks and win. He knows how to surround himself with good people (like Pompeo).

Cons:  Trump’s biggest detraction is that the Democrats have made him into the great Satan. Trump is perhaps not careful with his words, but they are frankly not that bad. But the Democrats, under the leadership of evil queen Hillary, really wanted to be polarized, so every word Trump has said has been twisted into badness.

Trump has to carry the baggage of two bogus impeachment attempts and a stolen election. The media will not cover any of this in his favor. It doesn’t matter that he was exonerated and proof of Hillary’s conspiracies came to light.

His second potential issue is his age. He will be 78 in 2024. While Trump certainly hasn’t lost his mental acumen as Biden has, his energy levels might be questioned.


My preference is still Trump.

I believe the world still needs some shaking up, it needs a leader of the free world who knows how to wield power and whose only motive is the greatness of America and the spreading of freedom and democracy. The world was nervous with Trump in power, he truly was a bull in a china shop (on purpose and enjoying it). 

European leaders were nervous because he dared to be politically incorrect in getting a job done rather than accept inaction that allowed problems to fester. He told our NATO allies to start upping their defense budgets, he told them depending on Russia for oil was a mistake, and he started to work against China’s theft of intellectual property. On and on.  

And you know good and well that he will ensure the integrity of our elections.

And the looming problem is a crushing national debt.  Trump is the most likely to do something about it.

I prefer Trump even though I know it would be four years of constant hate mongering by the left. We need Trump that badly.

Between Ron DeSantis and Mike Pompeo, it is a toss-up as to who would be a better President.  I’m thinking Mike would be better internationally, and DeSantis better domestically , but each would adapt quickly. They are both unbelievably talented and qualified.  As it stands right now, I believe Ron DeSantis would win because he has the better political posture. But if Trump decides to back Pompeo it could be a decent race.

DeSantis vs. Trump? Hard to say. I believe Trump would win in an isolated race, but the liberal media will play a huge part in this and may swing it one way or the other.

Bottom line?  All three are great.  As I said, I’m STOKED on behalf of America.  Better times lay ahead.

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  1. tom

    Trump is a no starter among many independents, and you keep forgetting that! What would be great is a DeSantis-Pompeo team in the WH. Trump had good people around him that a Desantis-Pompeo team could hire back! DeSantis over Trump, then DeSantis tap Pompeo for the number 2 position. Awesome team if that happens, and most independents will like the policies of DeSantis and the international experience and charisma of Pompeo. Its a shoe in team!!!

  2. bob

    Quit running articles like this , you nitwits !!!! Us Conservatives have to stick together going into Nov. and again in 2024 . Garbage articles like this from the Punching Bag Post Pitting Trump against DeSantis is just crap to pit Conservative Republicans against each other !!! It’s the Socialist democrats that are destroying OUR country , so ALL Republicans have to stick together . Hopefully Trump will be 2024 till 2028 , then DeSantis the next 8 years . In 2024 President Trump will be the ONLY person that will be able to straighten out OUR country . So , to the DICKHEADS at The Punching Bag , Quit trying to pit us against each other and keep your articles about how the worthless dems all need to GO !!!!

    • Ben

      Trump 2024!!

  3. Ben

    Yes. Trump 2024. Donate today. Money well spent. Only 147 litigations to go!

    • Clifford mckinney

      Hey Benny. Your idiot president has been caught in a lie. The idiot spoke of a 10 year old girl in Ohio who was raped and impregnated. And that she couldn’t get an abortion. The Ohio law enforcement and AG have no knowledge of it. If that were true the police in her area would be involved and it would be confirmed, with the child remaining anonymous of course. When my dad didn’t believe what ever I told him he would say “Tell me another lie. That one’s done got cold”. The same thing for Biden. His lie got cold.

      • Ben

        It’s a single source story. Not good. But not a pie…..yet. And Biden would only be guilty of fact checking.

        If I was the Ohio parent of a 10-year old rape victim the last thing I would do is report it. That’s just stupid.

        • Perry

          Are you saying that if God forbid, your child were sexually assaulted you wouldn’t report it? That would deny your child the help and counseling she/ he would need. Also allowing a god damned pervert to go free. Not to mention concealing a crime, which happens to be a crime. But I would likely take care of business myself if I knew for sure who did it. Sometimes vigilante justice is appropriate. My point? Don’t fuck with my kids.

          • Ben

            God forbids? God forbid this stupid law. The other day a Texas woman was arrested for driving alone in a high occupancy lane. She was let go when she explained she was pregnant and there were two people in that car. Probably not true, but I think the law’s stupidity speaks for itself. Texas will soon have a pregnancy test for high occupancy lane female violators….. With the new bans, I wonder how the enhanced support systems are coming. NADA. There is no help. Pluck em, fuck em, make them carry, deliver, and support, the men can skate, but no extra help, NADA. Yeah, give me some more of that no thank you very much.

            Perry, you are one ignorant son of a bitch. I said if I was the OHIO parent…. Matter of fact, if I had a 10-year-old female child, to begin with, I wouldn’t live in a forced-delivery-rape-baby state, or even an abortion-ban state to begin with. Sad to say, we have come to a point where geography matters in America. Having lived in six different States in my life, I never thought that could happen. Used to be one of our strengths, but no more. But IF I did live in a keep-your-rape-baby-mandate-State, you can be damn sure I would not tell those charged with enforcing delivery of rape babies that my child has one of them. And, you stupid prick, no where did I say I would deny my child help, counseling. Unlike you that lives to feed at the government trough , a gubermint which you trust so, so, much on these matters, I, instead, would control my own destiny and source it to trusted experts instead who also would not government-groom us or, worse yet, turn us in to the lovers of other-people’s-rape-babies. And who cares if the pervert goes free? In the Ohio I am leaving. I would be moving from this POS State anyways and if any of that is a crime, I’ll take it up with my maker when I get there. I mean how criminal is rape in Ohio if the victim is forced to keep the fruits of the illegal act? Where’s the justice in that?

            Vigilante justice is only appropriate when you no longer believe in the rule of law. Obviously, in this case, I am with you on that one. The reason I would remain silent is that no one should fuck with my and my kid’s choice of what to do with their body, even a 10-year-old. That’s my vigilante justice asshole. Fuck the perpetrator enabled by warped right-wing jerkoffs, fuck the community that enabled these jerkoffs to protect the perp’s action’s results, I just want to care for my own and then, get the fuck out of there forever. They didn’t ban that yet, right?

  4. Frank stetson

    Bannon caves, he will talk to select committee. . Can’t wiggle contempt yet, judge says you gotta be there, Monday, it will be wild. Trump says he’ll wave his nonexistent privilege, I guess cuz Bannon can drop the dime on him.

    I bet committee hustles him in before Monday, gonna look bad on Monday if his recollection is bad or pleads the fifth.

    Summer’s getting warmer now. Trump may run for donations but he’s not running for 2024.

    • Larry kuhn

      Ben read my words carefully. And be sitting down. I hope you’ve had your morning coffee. ABORTION IS STILL LEGAL!!!!! Most states will allow it. It should always have been a state issue. The framers didn’t say a damned thing about abortion. In today’s time probably 40 states at least will allow abortion. Just like the scotus ruling on guns. Not to start a gun control debate, but the opinion says that states can require a permit to carry a gun 25 states doesn’t require a permit. Just that they have to drop the good cause statuses. See? A state issue. So take a deep breath and you will be ok. I disagree with scotus kicking Trump’s stay in Mexico rule out. But we conservative people aren’t going after the judges. Want to move to a n abortion friendly state? California would be a great place for you. San Francisco would love to have you. Who knows? Your kids might turn queer and make you really proud.

      • Ben

        “ABORTION IS STILL LEGAL!!!!! Most states will allow it” is certainly not true in America. Abortion is only legal in some states, yes, more than 25 states so “most,” but not in too many states. Elsewhere I have mapped the distances and dollars needed to get to a legal abortion there from Trumpistan. A drop in the bucket for the rich, but to a poor 18-year old girl, perhaps not so much so.

        The unintended results are only just beginning. And nowhere that I can see has anyone done anything except flap their lips about their anticipated good intentions, that additional support will be provided for all these unwanted, unsupportable, children you so boldly force them to deliver with your mandates and your bans, much less counseling and mental health support. And nothing for rape and incest babies which we can expect many more of in Trumpistan.

        “probably 40 states at least will allow abortion” is already a lie.

        and why does my kids sexual preferences have any interest for you at all. Why are you so interested in my kid’s sex lives? Much less suggesting I move somewhere they can be groomed? Do you live in San Fran? Have you ever been to San Fran? I just love Top of the Mark, just before sunset, for a Squadron Shot from the 19th floor. Then, hop the trolley to Fisherman’s for dinner on the glass watching the sun set over the Golden Gate. Ah, good memories, and not one of them gay —- except the one’s you love to mention, all the time, repeatedly, obsessively, strangely.

        • Perry

          Poor Ben. Someone should call the guys in white coats. About the 18 year old getting knocked up. USE BIRTH CONTROL !!!!! While in San Francisco did you manage to dodge the shit piles in the streets? Be careful if you go back there. Some queer with aides might have left them there.

          • Ben

            It’s aids, idiot. my goodness, you are dumber than a brick. I mean: “use birth control: what a concept, what a rocket scientist you are. did you have to look that up? I have never seen beggars in San Fran, sorry, I am sure they are there. Just not where I hang I guess. Guess you never have been there. Have you even ever left Trumpistan? And Dollywood does not count :>) Continue to live in fear.

  5. Lyudmila


    • David Dutra

      It looks like Trump will be in prison or at the very least disqualified from running; the Dem just might pull it off… DaSantas might not even win in Florida… LOL !

      • Harold blankenship

        Ben you’re becoming unhinged. You people have been brainwashed for too long. Get over it. Wow!!! Just think about what a great scotus we would have had if the election wasn’t stolen. Breyer would have been replaced by an originalist who truly loves our country and don’t seek to destroy our constitution. I know you morons believe that the constitution should be changed and rewritten. But you people are idiots.

        • Ben

          Harold, you pygmy pricked pencil necked geek, I have not changed. I have always been this unhinged, in your partisan, biased, eyes full of lies. “My people” will not get over it. Your Scotus is an embarrassment that overturned a 50 year precedent upheld by multiple Scotus, multiple times, over 50 years. Two of the justices lied during their nominations to secure this. The decision is base on their lies. You are a stupid fuck that should not be allowed to reproduce unless we want to lower our expectations from the evolutionary curve. You can’t argue based on facts, just another name-calling dumb fuck piece of trailer trash redneck Republican racist retard. (sorry, they told me to make it understandable and to speak in your language, you turd).

          • Keith

            Come on Ben. Tell Harold how you really feel. You low life shit bag.

          • Ben

            After today’s session, are you still Trumpians?

            You should impeach at the speed of light and be done with this man. He’s gonna do you like he did the mob.

      • Chipper

        SO…..You’re saying that Dems should win in 2024 so they can finish the destruction of our
        once great Republic? Once infected with TDS, there is NO hope for recovery.

        • Ben

          Did you see the session? This man told The Big Lie, everyone told him it was a lie, and then he tried multiple illegal plans to retain power: the fraudulent and frivolous court cases and recounts all the way to the Scotus, enlisting and deploying loyal state legislators to overturn the vote, fake electoral college members, military seizure of voting machines, pressuring Georgia for “find me 11,700 votes,” getting the justice department to declare the election corrupt, even replacing DOJ leadership with his shills, bullying Pence into a Constitutional breach, finally by asking Congressional members to join him in his revolt.

          When all failed, he gathered his faithful, and sent them to their demise to the Capitol so he could remain in office. He sent them, knowing some had arms that would trip the mag, where the extremists already waiting to storm the gates with military precision, more arms stashed off site for after Trump used Emergency Powers to execute Martial Law on his own followers. He sacrificed 850 of them so far with various punishments, some with seditious conspiracy punishments, while he chortled and watched it all unfold on TV and did nothing. For three hours. Absolutely nothing. Rome burns while he tosses his burger at the wall.

          And now we now only civil servants honoring our Constitutions kept him away from the Capitol. Lord knows what damage would have unfolded if he arrived on site.

          Nope, sure seems that the diagnosis of TDS indicates those without it have no balls. Look at the facts, stand up and tell us how you really feel after you look at what happened here. Sure, it was partisan. You got another explanation for the facts unveiled. These are Republicans talking, not Democrats, what do you say to them?