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2022 Ended as Disaster for America under Biden

2022 Ended as Disaster for America under Biden

Toward the end of 2022, leftist news publication Newsweek wrote that 2022 was a brilliant year for Joe Biden because of legislative victories for Democrats. For Americans living the reality as it really is, however, 2022 was a disaster for the country, thanks to the Biden administration. Here are five of the many big failures that America and its patriotic citizens suffered under Biden.

Economy and Gas Prices

The economic disaster that started since Biden’s first day in the White House continued to get worse and reached its peak in 2022 with the highest inflation rate ever. Under President Trump, the maximum inflation rate was 2.4% in 2018. Under Biden, 2021 saw a 4.7% inflation rate, and in 2022 it reached a historic high of 7.8%. People paid nearly 8 percent more money to buy the same stuff they would get in the previous year. Gas prices also became a real-life horror story for an average American as the national gas price average topped $5 a gallon of gas in summer and ending over $3 at the end of the year, which is where they had started in early 2022. This nightmare continues in 2023.

Ukraine Crisis

The Russo-Ukraine war, starting in February 2022, soon became an American crisis in both cash and kind. While Ukraine is not a NATO ally of America, the Biden administration, with heavy Republican support, gave over $100 billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine with no check and balance as to where the money exactly went. The recent FTX scandal involving clandestine funding via cryptocurrency to Ukraine’s government has only made the whole affair worse amid Biden’s controversial and revealing statements against Russia, like attacking the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and his awful prisoner swap deal of the widely slammed Brittney Griner for Viktor Bout. America was never closer to a World War as in 2022, and remains so, while being on the back foot.

Saudi Appeasement    

Biden’s humiliating surrender to the Saudi royalty to get oil amid soaring gas prices became an embarrassment for America like never before. On the campaign trail, Biden had promised to hold the Saudi government accountable for the barbaric murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Instead, Biden ended up visiting the kingdom and meeting the Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman – with the infamous fist-bump making headlines – to ask for oil, only to get snubbed and returned to America with loads of embarrassment. To further bow to the Saudi royalty, Biden administration granted immunity to Prince Salman against any potential prosecution in the United States. It was a disgrace beyond description for a sitting American president and the country’s international image.

Invasion of Illegal Aliens

Per the agenda of Democrats, the country’s borders were opened since day one of Joe Biden in the White House to allow as many illegal aliens invade the country as possible so as to alter the demographics and keep the Democrats in power. The exact numbers of the illegals allowed into the country by the Biden administration are difficult to determine precisely but estimates by some media sources place around 2 million illegal aliens coming via the southern border in 2021 alone. The government is offering various incentives to illegals and were caught flying around minors brought to the country illegally, leading to allegations of child trafficking. 

TwitterGate Exposing Political Censorship

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter in 2022 and ended the political censorship of conservatives that had been going on for at least two years, the social media site has released records of communication between Twitter’s former management and leftist establishment, mainly the FBI and other agencies that bullied the platform into censoring content that exposed Hunter Biden’s many scandals and other stories damaging to the Biden administration. Biden and Democrats have since tried to ignore and suppress the information revealed in the Twitter files, including the questions related to the COVID health emergency that continues to hold Americans hostage throughout 2021 and 2022. Instead of promising probes into the scandal, the Biden-Feds alliance has tried to bully Musk into stopping Twitter from launching truth bombs. 

Health Emergencies

One of the biggest medical scandals in human history, the COVID health emergency, has been dropped by a large number of countries that don’t require COVID shots anymore to fly into the country. However, the Biden administration keeps extending the COVID health emergency every 3 months to continue selling the COVID vaccines with new boosters coming out multiple times a year. The senate hearings revealing the misinformation by CDC, Fauci, and others working for Biden and the pharma industry continued in 2022. As if that wasn’t enough, Biden declared monkeypox a health emergency in 2022 to sell new vaccines for the condition that was never scientifically shown to be a health emergency but globalist forces like the WHO pushed it to the status of an emergency. 

Will 2023 be worse off for America under Biden? Will the Republican-led House be able to stop some of Biden’s anti-American policies? Time will tell.

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  1. andy

    “Under Biden, 2021 saw a 4.7% inflation rate, and in 2022 it reached a historic high of 7.8%.”

    Trust the right to lie about statistics. We had inflation of 18% in 1946, 12.3% in 1974, followed by four years 1978-1981 of 9%, 13.3%, 12.5% and 8.9%. I see why. Ernest Dempsey is just a child. No memory of the inflation we experienced in the 70’s and first two years of the 80’s. Today’s inflation is mild in comparison, most of which came from the massive spending under Trump. All the “free” money Trump gave away.

    The FED balance sheet soared during Trump’s time in office, what did they expect would happen when money supply grew many times faster than output?

    If Trump had won in 2020, we would still be seeing the high inflation we saw last year. It was baked in the cake.

    • Bill Leibold

      Never ever forgive a Communist (Democrat) for the destruction they have bestowed upon this once great nation. The only forgiveness shall be in death.

      • frank stetson

        I am sorry Bill, are you calling for the death of all Democrats OR saying they can only be forgiven upon death?

        I trust you will rot in hell for that, but that will probably be a uplift from the circumstances you have wrought upon yourself. It’s good to have someone to hate, to blame, when you can’t blame yourself for your condition that you achieved.

        • Bubba Love

          Democrats are useless eaters.

    • Bill L

      Maybe instead of stats Commie you should learn ECON 101.

      So typical of the Communist SCUM to deflect blame on the American Party.

      • frank stetson

        Do you actually mean something here? How has andy messed up the Econ 101 here? Looks like he got the inflation stats right. Trump did spend more, borrow more, than any other President in history while simultaneously reducing the Federal governments ability to pay for said borrowing and spending by cutting taxes mostly for the rich, the banks, and big business. And he certainly managed an economy with less output and the lowest GDP growth statistic since Herbert Hoover and The Great Recession. His entire plan was based on 4% growth, the cuts, the spending, the borrowing. He told us that was conservative, he would get more. He got .95%, < 1%. In the 1st half of 2020, Trump was in a technical recession. Complete with high unemployment due to the pandemic, but recession on TRUMPS watch still.

        Here's a thumbnail sketch to show you the lies Trump told you about things he can't deliver. There are some high points too, but gdp growth is a good determination of your future, and Trump's future sucked. And it just wasn't the pandemic, it was his borrowing, spending, and cutting federal revenues: I mean what could go wrong with that misunderstanding of econ 101.

  2. Michael V Lamendola

    Clearly Ernest showed his true colors – white – when he said migrants seeking refuge in the USA would upset America’s demographics. The great replacement theory – a white supremacist troupe – is alive and well in this one.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Why would you assume he is white? Why would you assume he is a “he”?

      • frank stetson

        It’s a pretty good guess given the name and picture Joe.

  3. Bill Leibold

    What do you get when you allow an election to be stolen by a Communist Party…

    America destroyed
    Afghanistan destroyed
    Ukraine destroyed

    • frank stetson

      Was it stolen? Where’s the proof, where’s the arrests. All I see is that voter fraud, based on the arrests and perp walks, in rampant throughout Florida under DeSantis’s governorship. He seems to fine Florida voter fraud everywhere.

  4. JoeyP

    Hopefully, “Beijing Joe” Biden will be IMPEACHED and CONVICTED . . . PERMANENTLY and ASAP.

    • Mitch

      No improvement. We would have the token Harris as the president. And the senate wouldn’t convict the retard. Let it go. Ron DeSantos will be elected in 2024. His ho ain’t any better then him

  5. frank stetson

    I hope he is impeached JoeyP. He won’t be convicted though. Better hurry, you know you can only do so much in an election year so time is fleeting.

    Go for it, you got the power. After 15 tries, one fight, and a lot of whining, you got the House. I really loved the staging, the production, the hijacking of the airwaves to give three-days of stump speeches and get actually zero work done except to order carry out on our dime. It made Pelosi look competent, thank you. The way McCarthy herded that Freedom Cacaucus just like Pelosi kept the squad in place was just magical. I think Dems took 14 of the fifteen popular votes in the House so far. Too bad you are not big majority-rules sort of folks.

    So, come on, get Hunter’s laptop, impeach Joe, impeach them all. Rock no roll, hurry up, we’re watching…..

    • Mitch

      They can have the popular votes. They will NEVER rule the real patriots. We are ready and it won’t be the capital or any government building next time. So go ahead and steal elections again. I double dog dare you

  6. frank stetson

    What kind of patriot flaunts the law, refuses to be governed, and says he will repeat 1/6 at other locations. That really does not sound like a patriot to me.

    Consider yourself double-dogged dared. Call it the 2022 midterms where we outperformed all expectations and blunted the Red Wave into the same trickle of piss running down Mitch’s leg after being double-dared and having nothing he can do about it except type his little threats.

    • Mitch

      Better days ahead. We true Americans will take the stolen White House and senate. And keep the house of course. But again I say it. Many of us will never comply. So bring your double or triple dog you stupid commie prick.

  7. frank stetson

    I already did, can’t you read. Your response was feckless, consider the source I guess. I don’t even know what a double dog that you mention even is much less where to bring it. You seem be coming unhinged.

  8. Joseph S. Bruder

    All of the topics that the author lists were exacerbated (for you conservatives, that means “made worse”) by Trump/Republican/Conservative policies. And all are improving under Biden’s leadership.

    Trump’s tax cuts for the rich caused a spike in unemployment and inflation. Biden got the unemployment back under control, and the Fed reported that short-term inflation is back at the 2% target. It takes time to fix messes caused by bad policy.

    Trump’s policies around COVID were nothing short of criminal. All of the Republicans that he convinced not to get immunizations are still dying, and still keeping the virus circulating in the US. And the consequences of that will take 10 years to work its way out of the economy.

    Trump was giving everything Putin everything he wanted. When that stopped, Putin invaded Ukraine. With Biden’s support, Ukrainians will get their country back, and Russia will bankrupt itself.

    Gas is moving down – I saw it at sub-$3 over the holidays. The spike was a direct result of Putin’s war with Ukraine, blame goes to Trump and Putin.

    Trump was all for sending Saudis nuclear weapons, and his exil spawn took $2 billion in payments and promises for hotel deals. I’ve seen nothing like that from Biden, except to try to get the Saudis to put more oil on the market to keep the Russian influence on prices at a minimum.

    And Twitter? You’ve got to be kidding. Twitter was reacting to notices from the FBI that Russians were trying to influence elections (again). Twitter did what they thought was best. Hunter Biden’s laptop is still a fake story that Republicans are hyping. The sad part is that Musk will kill Twitter to soothe his own ego.

    Nothing happens in a vacuum, and consequences from previous actions take time to play out. We’re already suffering consequences from Trump’s actions, but Biden is on it and signs are that the country is healing (while Republicans are self-destructing).

  9. EUGEN


    • frank stetson

      your kids can read?