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Less Than 500 of 163,000 Muslim Migrants to Sweden Are Employed

Less Than 500 of 163,000 Muslim Migrants to Sweden Are Employed

In 2015, Sweden allowed over 163,000 asylum seekers into the country. A new report states that out of these 163,000 people, only 494 are employed, meaning the rest are living for free off of Sweden’s various assistance programs.

The report was based on figures from one of Sweden’s top employment agencies, Arbetsförmedlingen along with data from migration authorities.

When an asylum seeker arrives in Sweden, he or she is allowed to get a job even if they don’t yet have a work or residence permit. This exception is called the “at-und” and is generally processed upon the asylum seeker’s arrival into the country.

The country announced plans to deport over 80,000 of these migrants in January, and based on these reports, it’s no surprise why they would be interested in doing so.

Editor’s Note:  If you look back into American history with the immigration waves in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, you had so many of the “poor, the hungry, the downtrodden” – the Irish, Italians, the Swiss, etc, many fleeing from terrible conditions of famine. They came to America with the resolve to make a new life. There were certainly language and cultural barriers but they scrambled to find any job they could, and were anxious to make a life.

With less than 1/2 percent of Muslim immigrants working, it is very clear this population clearly is not interested in being part of Sweden. 


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