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Muslims Refugees Sucking Up European Welfare Benefits

Muslims Refugees Sucking Up European Welfare Benefits

A staggering 80% of Muslims in Europe are on welfare. It’s particularly bad in Belgium and the Netherlands, where each country’s meager (about 5%) Muslim population consumes roughly 50% of the generous welfare budget. 

So what is this giant non-working population doing? 

They are creating Islamic zones that do not tolerate Western society. Far from trying to integrate with the countries that have taken them in, the Muslims in Europe are forming bands of bullies that enforce Sharia law. They whine about the evils of pork, alcohol, and cigarettes while groping or even raping women who venture out alone and uncovered. 

“The problem isn’t intolerance. It’s the multiculturalist socialist paradise that the entire European Union affords Muslim immigrants,” reads an editorial published last week in Investor’s Business Daily. 

As multi-million dollar mosques are erected and the Shahs and Imams live in luxury, many of the faithful live in squalor. The resulting ghettoes are no-go zones for non-Muslims. Not even law enforcement dare enter for fear of committing some political correctness faux pas.

In summation: Muslims immigrants do not work. They do not assimilate. They take over and force countries to convert. Belgium has already de-Christianized considerably to ease the minds of its growing Muslims population: Christmas Break is now “Winter Break,” Easter Break is now “Spring Break,” Lenten Vacation is now “Rest and Relaxation Leave,” etc. 

The EU is basically paying immigrants to mistreat its citizens. Unless this behavior does not change, Islam and the Caliphate threaten to take over Belgium, the Netherlands, and all of the EU. 

And their next target is the US. 

Even worse, Belgium has become a breeding ground for Islamist extremists (as exemplified by last week’s terror attacks in the country’s capital). Some estimate as many as 500,000 Belgian Muslims have gone to Iraq and Syria to fight to ISIS. It has been discovered that the mastermind behind last year’s brutal attacks in Paris was the Belgian radical Abdelhamid Abaaoud. 


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