Two Texans have been arrested after officials seized almost $1 million worth of meth-laced lollipops found in their car.

A neighbor in the area called police on Monday and reported that a house in Houston was burglarized. Once the police arrived at the property, they caught a male and female stuffing the lollipops from the home into their car.

The suspects were attempting to smuggle 600 pounds of meth-laced candy lollipops. 

“It’s just bags and bags and bags of what appears to be candy lollipops. But they all have meth inside of them. They had so many narcotics in their vehicle they couldn't close the back hatch of their car," said Lt. Ruben Diaz in a press conference.

“Foiled burglary nets enormous narcotic seizure early this morning. An estimated 600 POUNDS of Meth-pops were recovered, with an approximate street value of close to $1,000,000.

It appears the candy was intended to be distributed among children and/or sold to juveniles.

Be on alert, Harris County. If you see something, say something. Call the Harris County Sheriff's Office non-emergency line (713-221-6000) to report any suspicious activity. #summersafety #hounews,” posted the Harris County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook following the arrest.

Police believe that the female suspect once lived in the home, which was apparently a meth den. This type of crime is uncommon for this area.

"The house was the place they manufactured the drug," said Diaz. "It was evident they were making these in the kitchen." 

A meth-pop like the ones found could sell for $20 to $40 each.  

What is especially alarming is the demographic that these lollipops seem geared to.  

"They obviously were -- what appeared to us -- designed to target children. They were made in lollipop form. They had different characters like a Batman design, Star Wars design, things that you would actually think would entice a child,” said Diaz. "It hits home. It affects the entire community when someone's targeting children like this.  It concerns us all.”

 Author’s note: Lollipops are beloved kid’s candy. It looks like drug dealers in this Houston area are trying to get kids hooked on drugs early. After getting a taste of a drug like this, their lives will never be the same and some will eventually die from it. Drug dealers who sell or make drugs available to children are next-level evil.  

Editor's note: I still advocate the death penalty for anyone who sells drugs to children.

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