Poland doesn't want to be the next Crimea
Poland doesn't want to be the next Crimea

The Polish Defense Ministry this week delivered a proposal to Congress asking the US to build a permanent military base there.

Poland currently hosts US soldiers on a rotational basis, but claims there is a “clear and present need for a permanent US armored division deployed in Poland.” 

Not only does the proposal reflect a growing fear of Russia following its controversial annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea in 2014, but it also implies a serious lack of confidence in the EU’s ability to protect anyone.

Poland’s proposal, which comes a month before NATO members are due to meet in Brussels, will no doubt anger Russia and frustrate European allies looking to improve relations with Moscow. 

According to the Polish Defense Ministry, the proposal outlines “Poland’s commitment to provide significant support that may reach $1.5-2 billion by establishing joint military installations and provide for more flexible movement of US forces.”

The proposal was sent to the US without knowledge of the Foreign Ministry or the President, Andrjez Duda.

Poland has been asking for American support for decades. Since 2015, it has obeyed NATO guidelines suggesting all members spend at least 2% of GDP on defense. 

“For the first time since WWII, one European country has taken a province by force from another European country,” said then-Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski in 2014. “America, we hope, has ways of reassuring us that we haven’t even thought about. There are major bases in Britain, in Spain, in Portugal, in Greece, in Italy. Why not here?”

Former President Barack Obama visited Poland in 2014, but ended up canceling plans to build an anti-ballistic missile shield there.

Editor's note: This shows how scared the former Soviet satellite countries are of Russia's agressiveness. The sooner Poland is under the NATO unbrella, the safer they will be.

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