Tuesday, July 7, 2020

America Under Attack

Individual Liberty

Propaganda and Fake News

Climate Change More Religion Than Science?

DISCLAIMER: The author and publishers of the information presented in this article do not deny climate change. We pride ourselves on skeptical analysis of any argument that comes to the table. "Global warming has become the new religion." This according to US-based Norwegian physicist Professor Ivar Giaever who shared the 1973...


Tensions Remain High at India-China Border

More information has come to light regarding a border skirmish between Indian and Chinese troops that occurred in a disputed region on June 15th.  The incident began when an Indian patrol spotted Chinese tents and observation towers on its side of the border, a clear violation of a de-escalation agreement...

China vs India – WW III in the works?

At least three soldiers were killed Monday during a skirmish between Indian and Chinese forces in a disputed region of the Himalayas. Indian officials reported “loss of life” on both sides and confirmed the death of one officer and two soldiers, while China blamed the incident on India and claimed...


Trump gets bad rap on Dreamers

If ever there was a case of dishonest reporting, it is the coverage of the Supreme Court decision on the DACA or Dreamers issue.  Democrats claim – and the media proclaims – that President Trump wants to deport all those who were brought here illegally by their parents.  That is a...

Will Trump refuse to leave if defeated?

For a group of folks – Democrats, news media and radical left-wingers – who seem to get their undies in a bunch over conspiracy theories, they are remarkably devoted them.  In a previous commentary, I referred to the granddaddy of all bogus conspiracy theories – the Russian collusion nonsense – that...

Today's Top Conservative Stories -July 7, 2020
(under construction)

1 - COVID-19 squeezing the fat out of state and local employment rolls --- 16 articles -- covid,

2 -  This editorial is simply insane' : Brit Hume rips WaPo editorial board' s opinion that President Trump' s speech  plumbed new depths of depravity' --- 9 articles -- Donald J. Trump, speech

3 - Poll: Trump, McSally Lead Democrat Challengers in Arizona --- 5 articles -- Donald J. Trump, democrat

4 - Supreme Court Rules Electoral College Must Support Popular Vote --- 5 articles -- suprem, court

5 - NY TIMES: Mount Rushmore Was  Built on Lakota Tribe' Land By Man with  Bonds with Ku Klux Klan' --- 5 articles -- mount, rushmor

6 - Agriculture' s role in climate change draws scrutiny from 2020 Democrats --- 4 articles -- climat, chang

7 - Democrats want to legalize marijuana. Joe Biden doesn' t. --- 4 articles -- joe, biden

8 - Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Ax Obamacare --- 4 articles -- Donald J. Trump, administr

9 - Trump second-term plans remain a mystery to GOP --- 4 articles -- Donald J. Trump, plan

10 - HANNITY: Father of Teen Killed in Seattle' s CHOP has Heartbreaking Plea to the Public --- 4 articles -- father, kill

11 - They say Black Lives Matter. You killed your own this time&  Father of 8-year-old killed in Atlanta --- 4 articles -- black, live

12 - They say Black Lives Matter. You killed your own this time&  Father of 8-year-old killed in Atlanta --- 4 articles -- , kill

13 - NYC Mayor Cuts $1B From Police Budget --- 3 articles -- cut, polic

14 - --- articles -- ,

15 - --- articles -- ,

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