Thursday, January 17, 2019

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US to Hold International Summit on Iran

The US will host an international summit next month in Poland to discuss Iran’s influence as related to the stability of the Middle East, said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday. “The ministerial will address a range of critical issues including terrorism and extremism, missile development and proliferation, maritime...


Today's Top Conservative Stories -January 16, 2019
(under construction)

1 - Sen. Dianne Feinstein already lying about AG nominee Bill Barr; Bonus: Anti-Mueller narrative BUSTED --- 16 articles -- barr, mueller

2 - Trump has boxed himself in on the shutdown with nowhere to go --- 15 articles -- Donald J. Trump, shutdown

3 - BREAKING: Steve King STRIPPED of committee assignments  HE RESPONDS& --- 9 articles -- steve, king

4 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responds to Joe Lieberman jab: 'Who dis?' --- 7 articles -- alexandria, ocasio

5 - Trump Softens on Border Wall Demands; Congress Moves Towards Stopgap Bill --- 7 articles -- Donald J. Trump, wall

6 - Report: DNC drops partnership with Women' s March over anti-semitism --- 7 articles -- women, march

7 - Report: DNC drops partnership with Women' s March over anti-semitism --- 7 articles -- anti, semit

8 -  Dozens of flashing red lights' : Military expert says it would have been a  scandal' if FBI did not investigate Trump' s ties to Russia --- 7 articles -- Donald J. Trump, russia

9 - AG nominee William Barr: Trump administration can jail reporters who 'hurt the country' --- 6 articles -- william, barr

10 - WHOA: Byron York explains FBI blowback could be SEVERE after NYT reports Trump investigation was retaliation for firing Comey --- 6 articles -- Federal Bureau of Investiation, Donald J. Trump

11 - Yellow Vest Protests Continue Into New Year --- 5 articles -- yellow, vest

12 - Trump serves up fast food fiesta for Clemson's White House visit --- 5 articles -- Donald J. Trump, clemson

13 - Former FBI agent explains why Trump should be terrified of his secret Putin meeting notes going public --- 5 articles -- Donald J. Trump, putin

14 - Jared Kushner is now 'de facto chief of staff' in Trump White House: NYT's Maggie Haberman --- 5 articles -- Donald J. Trump, White House

15 - "The View" debates: Is every Republican who supports building the wall racist? --- 4 articles -- build, wall






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