Saturday, August 17, 2019

America Under Attack

Individual Liberty

Propaganda and Fake News


Trump Has Had Enough: Pay Up Germany!

If there was any country in the world that you would expect to pull out the checkbook to buy guns, tanks, missiles and other deadly weapons, it would be Germany. After all, they wrote the book on the subject, their failures at actual warfare notwithstanding. But on Post-WWII Planet Earth,...


HORIST: Its Mueller time … again

In a matter of hours, Special Counsel Robert Mueller will spend his day testifying before two congressional committees.  The most interesting will be his appearance before the House Judiciary Committee chaired by the pugnacious napoleonic New York Congressman Jerry Nadler.  Mueller will also appear before the Intelligence Committee chaired by California’s...

Today's Top Conservative Stories -August 17, 2019
(under construction)

1 - Omar and Tlaib partnered with vicious anti-semites to plan their trip to Israel --- 42 articles -- anti, semit

2 - Israel bucks Trump, but Rep. Tlaib still won' t visit --- 9 articles -- rep, tlaib

3 - Why Trump can't buy Greenland --- 9 articles -- Donald J. Trump, bui

4 - Trump administration to weaken protections for endangered species in favor of fossil fuels --- 8 articles -- Donald J. Trump, administr

5 - Bill Maher: Yes, a recession would be worth it to get rid of Trump --- 8 articles -- recess, Donald J. Trump

6 - Scaramucci talking to Bill Kristol about trying to force Trump off the GOP ticket in 2020 --- 8 articles -- scaramucci, Donald J. Trump

7 - Former Israeli ambassador says Trump administration encouraged ban on Omar, Tlaib --- 8 articles -- Donald J. Trump, omar

8 - Trump must not break his promise to gun-rights supporters --- 7 articles -- Donald J. Trump, support

9 - House Dems weigh action against U.S. and Israel ambassadors over banned visit --- 7 articles -- israel, ban

10 - As Riots Continue, U.S. Lawmakers Posture on Hong Kong --- 6 articles -- hong, kong

11 -  Finally, a Trump-sized real estate deal' ! Report of what Trump has  talked about the possibility of the U.S. buying' could spark a Resistance meltdown --- 6 articles -- Donald J. Trump, United States

12 - Trump Says Tlaib' s Grandmother Real Winner of Nixed Trip: She Doesn' t Have to See Her Now! --- 6 articles -- tlaib, grandmoth

13 - Shell Workers Had To Attend Trump Speech To Be Paid, Were Ordered Not To Protest: Report --- 6 articles -- Donald J. Trump, report

14 - Correctional Facility Under Investigation After Epstein Death --- 5 articles -- epstein, death

15 - The real reason Obama didn't pass gun control --- 5 articles -- gun, control

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