Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Trump Threatens to Withdraw from Nuclear Treaty with Russia

Trump Threatens to Withdraw from Nuclear Treaty with Russia

National Security Adviser John Bolton is heading to Moscow Monday to speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin and other officials regarding Russia's violation of a Cold War-era nuclear treaty. The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty of 1987 (INF) forbids Russia and the US from having or using “ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with...

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Today’s Top Conservative Stories -October 23, 2018
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1 – Liberal radio host: Migrant caravan is talking point ‘sent from heaven’ for Trump, GOP 91 articlesmigrant, caravan

2 – Trump gives Ted Cruz a new nickname 27 articlesDonald J. Trump, Ted Cruz

3 – Bernie Sanders: I Don’ t Think There Will Be a  Great Blue Wave’ 23 articlesBernie Sanders, blue

4 – Khashoggi’s body parts reportedly found in Saudi consul general’s garden 17 articleskhashoggi, found

5 – Judge to Creepy Porn Lawyer: Pay $4.85 Million and Do Not Pass Go. 14 articlesjudg, pai

6 – Watch the Trump/Ted Cruz rally in Houston! [MULTIPLE LIVE STREAMS] 14 articleswatch, Donald J. Trump

7 – WATCH: Beto O’Rourke supporters struggle to list anything he’s accomplished 13 articlesbeto, rourk

8 – Photos: Dodgers work out at Fenway Park on the eve of World Series 13 articlesdodger, world

9 – CNN’ s Jim Acosta doesn’ t want Americans fooled by the  continued demonization of immigrants’ 13 articlesjim, acosta

10 – Warren: I Took DNA Test to Rebuild Public Trust in Government 13 articleswarren, dna

11 – Did Saudis bring in a Khashoggi body double to cover up planned murder? 13 articlesSaudi Arabia, khashoggi

12 – Saudi crown prince’s aide reportedly ordered Khashoggi hit over Skype 13 articlessaudi, crown

13 – Dem Congressional Candidate Antonio Delgado:  Israel Is Not a Jewish Democracy’ 11 articlesdem, candid

14 – Dem Congressman Compares Trump to Hitler Over Calling Himself a  Nationalist’ 11 articlesDonald J. Trump, call

15 – Brian Stelter is really UPSET Trump said this about the caravan of Honduran migrants 11 articlescaravan, migrant

16 – Don’t be so quick to join that Mega Millions office pool 11 articlesmega, million

17 – Supreme Court shields Wilbur Ross from answering questions in census controversy 10 articlessuprem, court

18 – The Trump administration is right to define gender biologically 10 articlesDonald J. Trump, administr

19 – Bernstein: Trump Will Call the Midterm Elections  Illegitimate’ if Democrats Gain Majority 10 articlesDonald J. Trump, midterm

20 – We’ re not going to let this go : Mika Brzezinski kinda sorta blames Trump for Khashoggi’ s death 10 articleskhashoggi, death






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