Sunday, May 19, 2019

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CNN Struggles to Retain Viewership

CNN last week dropped to 15th place in prime time viewership, suffering a double-digit decline that put it behind the Food Network.  Fox News remains in first place with an average of 2.5 million prime time viewers. MSNCB is in third place with 1.77 million. CNN’s average is 783,000. In terms...

Today's Top Conservative Stories -May 19, 2019
(under construction)

1 - Perish the thought! Brit Hume gives CNN a possibility about Bill Barr they WON' T want to consider --- 10 articles -- bill, barr

2 - Bill Maher guest Fran Lebowitz sorry her suggestion to turn Trump over to  the same Saudis who got rid of that reporter' was  misinterpreted' --- 6 articles -- Donald J. Trump, report

3 - Bill de Blasio, the sponge of woke platitudes --- 6 articles -- de, blasio

4 - Trump angrily Tweets 'Why was I not told?' Flynn was under investigation  Here are all the times he was warned --- 6 articles -- Donald J. Trump, warn

5 - SHOWDOWN: President asserts executive privilege over Mueller Report --- 5 articles -- mueller, report

6 - Barr Starts Investigation Into Spying on Trump --- 5 articles -- barr, Donald J. Trump

7 - TRUMP TWEETS against  fake news Sunday political shows,' and AGAINST pro-life bills!? --- 5 articles -- pro, life

8 - 'Spoken like a true fascist': The internet reacts in fury to Trump threatening to jail investigators for  treason' --- 5 articles -- Donald J. Trump, investig

9 - Liberals are wrong to reject Trump' s immigration plan --- 4 articles -- Donald J. Trump, immigr

10 - Arnold Schwarzenegger drop-kicked while greeting fans in South Africa --- 4 articles -- arnold, schwarzenegg

11 - Trump angrily Tweets 'Why was I not told?' Flynn was under investigation  Here are all the times he was warned --- 4 articles -- Donald J. Trump, tweet

12 - CNN analyst lists off people who warned Trump about Michael Flynn as president attempts to run away from former appointee --- 4 articles -- cnn, Donald J. Trump

13 - 'Treason!' Trump calls for  long jail sentences' for investigators after Mike Flynn bombshell --- 4 articles -- Donald J. Trump, flynn

14 - Trump has put himself in a hard place with Iran saber-rattling because he has alienated all our allies: conservative columnist --- 4 articles -- Donald J. Trump, iran

15 - Blaming Russia in 3 & 2 & 1: NYT perplexed because Australians didn' t vote for climate change hoax and LOL --- 3 articles -- climat, chang






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