Sunday, September 20, 2020

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Trump Announces Second Peace Deal with Israel

President Trump on Friday announced the completion of a historic agreement between Bahrain and Israel that normalizes relations between the two countries. “There’s no more powerful response to the hatred that spawned 9/11 than this agreement,” said Trump. The deal with Bahrain comes less than one month after the Trump...


The 100(?) day election countdown

We are now past the 100-day countdown to Election DAY.  This is traditionally the beginning of our predictive period, when analysts, pundits and pollsters start looking into the proverbial crystal ball for likely outcomes. It is a long-standing tradition. However, I emphasized the word “day” to draw attention to the fact...

Today's Top Conservative Stories -September 20, 2020
(under construction)

1 - History Is on the Side of Republicans Filling a Supreme Court Vacancy in 2020 --- 19 articles -- fill, suprem

2 - FLASHBACK: Johnny Carson Rips Joe Biden for  Plagiarism' 33 YEARS AGO on the  Tonight Show' --- 19 articles -- joe, biden

3 - BREAKING NOW: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Passes Away at the Age of 87 --- 18 articles -- justic, ruth

4 - Can Trump Crush The Court's Liberal Legacy With Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Death? --- 9 articles -- Donald J. Trump, court

5 - Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says Mitch McConnell moving forward on RBG replacement  in violation of her dying wish' --- 8 articles -- mitch, mcconnel

6 - Can Trump Crush The Court's Liberal Legacy With Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Death? --- 6 articles -- Donald J. Trump, ginsburg

7 - Can McConnell Get the Votes to Seize the Seat? --- 6 articles -- mcconnel, vote

8 - Trump Foundation Forced to Stop Soliciting in NY, Democrat Schneiderman Goes After Trump Again --- 5 articles -- democrat, Donald J. Trump

9 - THERE IT IS: Trump confirms they WILL nominate and confirm new SCOTUS pick  WITHOUT DELAY' --- 5 articles -- Donald J. Trump, scotu

10 - Mitt Romney spox says claim the senator won' t vote on a SCOTUS nominee until next year is  grossly false' --- 5 articles -- senat, vote

11 - Lindsey Graham Goes Back on His Word, Vows to Vote for Replacement Before Election --- 5 articles -- vote, elect

12 - Ted Cruz has three words for Democrats trying beat Republicans over the head with 2016' s SCOTUS vacancy --- 5 articles -- republican, vacanc

13 - Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize more than Obama did --- 4 articles -- Donald J. Trump, peac

14 - Trump on FIRE in NC: Blasts media as SCOUNDRELS, Wants Biden drug tested at debate, says SCOTUS seat WILL be filled --- 4 articles -- Donald J. Trump, fill

15 - How the Israel-Bahrain Peace Deal Will Reshape the Middle East --- 4 articles -- middl, east

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