Friday, November 16, 2018

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HORIST: Can Trump be re-elected?

Even as the final votes are being counted for major races in Florida, Georgia and Arizona, the 24/7 cable news outlets have begun speculating about the 2020 presidential election race.  Even as some wonder if Trump will still be around for a re-election campaign, most of the focus is on the...

Today’s Top Conservative Stories -November 16, 2018
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1 – An Independent Take: Jim Acosta Throws a Tantrum and Gets a Timeout 15 articlesjim, acosta

2 – Florida orders manual recount in Scott/Nelson Senate race 12 articlesflorida, recount

3 – Michael Avenatti says he  always advocated for due process’ for Kavanaugh (and people have thoughts on that) 9 articlesmichael, avenatti

4 – VIDEOWatch an Ebullient CNN React to Its  Victory’ for Acosta Over Trump 7 articlescnn, acosta

5 – Federal judge rules: White House must reinstate Jim Acosta’s press pass — for now 6 articlesjudg, rule

6 – Bette Midler is absolute TRASH for this tweet sliming Melania Trump and she should apologize 6 articlesmelania, Donald J. Trump

7 – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez trolls Fox News for exposing her conspiracy to  save the planet’  by abolishing ICE? 6 articlesocasio, cortez

8 –  For real?’ Did CNN’ s John King just give away Florida Democrats’ election game? 6 articlesflorida, elect

9 – Conservative Max Boot warns Trump’s attacks on Mueller are now a ‘code red situation for the rule of law’ 6 articlesDonald J. Trump, mueller

10 – Homosexual Migrants of Honduran Caravan Harassed by Other Migrants 5 articlescaravan, migrant

11 – Hmmm: Florida Dems plotted use of altered forms statewide; Update: Judge calls Florida “laughingstock of the world” 5 articlesjudg, florida

12 – It took a while, but CNN finally got around to posting a piece on celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti’ s arrest 5 articlesavenatti, arrest

13 – CNN host appalled by Trump’ s unhinged Mueller-bashing Twitter rant:  It’ s nothing but taxpayer-funded lies’ 5 articlescnn, Donald J. Trump

14 – Florida Sued for Voter Fraud& Again 4 articlesvoter, fraud

15 – Looks like Jeff Flake is all alone on his “protect Mueller or we’ll block the judges” move 4 articlesjeff, flake






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