Sunday, May 26, 2019

America Under Attack

Are We Underestimating Iran?

Days after a ‘mysterious’ attack on four oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz, President Trump said he would rather go to war with Iran than stand by as the nation pursues nuclear weapons. This is typical negotiating rhetoric we've seen Trump use repeatedly with Iran and North Korea.  “I...

Individual Liberty

Propaganda and Fake News



CNN Struggles to Retain Viewership

CNN last week dropped to 15th place in prime time viewership, suffering a double-digit decline that put it behind the Food Network.  Fox News remains in first place with an average of 2.5 million prime time viewers. MSNCB is in third place with 1.77 million. CNN’s average is 783,000. In terms...

Today's Top Conservative Stories -May 26, 2019
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1 - Fox's Chris Wallace reacts to Trump's Thursday freakout: Pelosi 'clearly' succeeded in getting under his skin --- 7 articles -- Donald J. Trump, pelosi

2 - Trump Administration Reallocating Billions for Border Wall --- 6 articles -- Donald J. Trump, border

3 -  Stunning journalism' : CNN turns to Berkeley professor for forensics on doctored videos of Nancy Pelosi --- 5 articles -- nanci, pelosi

4 - Here's how Trump's plan to hide his taxes could blow up in his face during the 2020 campaign --- 5 articles -- Donald J. Trump, plan

5 - Ex-intel officials bash 'ignorant' Barr for pursuing Trump's vendetta against investigators: 'Collusion in plain sight' --- 4 articles -- Donald J. Trump, investig

6 - 'Here we go again': Judge blocks Mississippi abortion ban --- 4 articles -- abort, ban

7 - CNN's April Ryan delivers a righteous blistering of Trump for his Pelosi video smear: 'Your bullying won't work' --- 4 articles -- pelosi, video

8 - Is this the reason Mitch McConnell does not seem to care about election interference? --- 4 articles -- mitch, mcconnel

9 - China betting on Trump losing in 2020 as they play 'long game' in trade war: report --- 4 articles -- Donald J. Trump,

10 - Nicolle Wallace doctors video clip of herself to demonstrate how Trump spread an ugly smear of Pelosi --- 4 articles -- doctor, video

11 - Mueller's public testimony could blow the lid off of Trump's denial of Russian collusion  and Bill Barr covering for him --- 4 articles -- Donald J. Trump, barr

12 - --- articles -- ,

13 - --- articles -- ,

14 - --- articles -- ,

15 - --- articles -- ,






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