Saturday, March 28, 2020

America Under Attack

Individual Liberty

Propaganda and Fake News

Libs Cry Coronavirus + China = Racism

You are now a racist if you pair the words “Chinese” or “Wuhan” with “coronavirus.” That’s the new accusation coming from Liberal members of Congress. It’s so racist, in fact, that some say they are ashamed to serve alongside Republican legislators that do so. Yes, you read this correctly. It...



Rebuilding With Less Dependence on China

America’s dependence on China for imported goods is common knowledge. We have outsourced most of our manufacturing sector over the past few decades, to the detriment of American factories and the benefit of our personal purchasing power. Chinese-made goods simply cost less. This is largely due to sweatshop working conditions and...

Today's Top Conservative Stories -March 28, 2020
(under construction)

1 - COVID-19: Can the US Avoid Italy' s Fate? --- 22 articles -- covid,

2 - Trump to cruise lines: If you want American coronavirus relief, try being American companies first --- 17 articles -- Donald J. Trump, coronaviru

3 - House Democrats will consider bill to block HUD rule allowing anti-trans shelter discrimination --- 12 articles -- hous, bill

4 - Meet Democratic  Moderate' Joe Biden --- 10 articles -- joe, biden

5 - AOC: Senate' s Coronavirus Stimulus Package is  Historic Corporate Giveaway' --- 10 articles -- coronaviru, stimulu

6 - The U.S. Dollar Surges Amid Coronavirus Crisis --- 9 articles -- coronaviru, crisi

7 - Iran Flip-Flops Over Letting Doctors Without Borders Fight Coronavirus --- 7 articles -- fight, coronaviru

8 -  Sums up our media' : Joe Lockhart accuses Dr. Birx of drinking the pro-Trump Kool-Aid for not confirming the Left' s narrative (Also:  The typo really seals this' ) --- 7 articles -- dr, birx

9 - Coronavirus Catastrophe: Endangering The Elderly Will Doom The Economy And Trump --- 7 articles -- coronaviru, Donald J. Trump

10 - Throw him out of Republican Party  Trump blasts House Republican for delaying coronavirus stimulus bill [UPDATE: ANOTHER TWEET] --- 6 articles -- coronaviru, bill

11 - BREAKING: House passes 2 trillion dollar stimulus bill  [UPDATED] --- 6 articles -- , trillion

12 - AOC: Coronavirus Stimulus Checks for Workers  Cut Off the Backs of Taxpaying Immigrants' --- 6 articles -- aoc, coronaviru

13 - Chris Cillizza gets pissy after President Trump doesn' t call on CNN reporter during coronavirus briefing --- 5 articles -- Donald J. Trump, call

14 - Ending "social distancing" for COVID-19 will create a worst-case scenario --- 5 articles -- social, distanc

15 - Afghanistan is Drifting Toward Civil War. The Coronavirus Pandemic Makes One More Likely. --- 5 articles -- coronaviru, pandem

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